IWW =/= *International* Workers of the World!! (Trivial, but nowhere else to put it)

Why, oh why, do people insist on propogating the notion that the venerable IWW was really the Department of Redundancy Department, er, the International Workers of the World?

When I see a reference to the Wobblies, it seems like odds are 3-1 in favor of their being identified in that redundant fashion. Time before last was in the most recent of mystery writer J.A. Jance’s Joanna Brady novels. Latest was here:

Here’s the IWW website, which presumably has it right:

OK, that’s all. I feel better now.

I say we burn down J.A. Jance’s house and shoot her cats.

WAYYYY OT, but this reminds me of the following:

Q: How do I join the KKK? (or any other hate group of your choice)
A: Kill three blacks (or whomever…) and a cat.
Q: A CAT !?!? Why do I have to kill a CAT?
A: Congratulations! You’ve been accepted!

note to humor impaired: I’m pitting the haters here, not the hated!

Cats. The other white meat.