J.D. Vance is exactly what the rubes in Ohio deserve

Is someone suggesting a law somewhere that suggests that doctors will be fined or jailed if they don’t perform every abortions for every person who waks through the door asking for one?

Are there doctors who have never performed abortions before who are going to be forced to do so?

Like, “that’s not a service I provide, here’s an office that does” is always an appropriate response for any medical practitioner who doesn’t do the thing you’re looking for.

I cannot. In Canada, there is a fairly general consensus on these limited abortion and conscience rights of physicians I do not have the knowledge nor authority to discuss American debates on these issues. I am sympathetic for professionals whose practice has been made more difficult by these issues.

I guess what he is saying is that if you go to your dermatologist, you can demand that they give you an abortion (assuming you are a pregnant woman, anyway).

I do wonder if all medicine will be that way. If I go to my podiatrist, can I demand that he give me heart surgery?

“Sir, this is a Wendy’s”.

“I want a pregnancy terminator. A prego-nator like your commercials say.”

“A prego… A what? A… Do you mean a Baconator?!”

Since there’s a few Ohio voters in this thread, is anyone else disappointed at how much the two constitutional amendments passed by?

Without a doubt. Both are completely unnecessary legislations against the poor and disenfranchised.

I do wonder about those, and how much people read of them. When I first read issue 1, I was for it, as the way it was worded made me think that it meant that it would be the whether the person charged posed a danger to the public, not whether or not they could pay bail.

But then I read a bit closer, and wasn’t sure, so I researched a bit, and found that it would do the opposite of what I would want.

Not saying that Ohioans wouldn’t vote for it even if they understood it, but there may have been some who voted for it that wouldn’t have if they had known what it actually was for.

Issue 2 is stupid, for a number of reasons. First off, I don’t see why a local community cannot get the voice of all its members. They pay taxes and use services, they have as much stake and skin in the game as a full citizen. I also think that in the unlikely case that a state wanted to allow non-citizens to vote, it should be able to, they are in fact residents of that state.

Then there’s the issue that, I personally voted in the primaries when I was 17, and I thought that was kinda cool, a bit of a rite of passage and all that. It sounds like issue 2 will take that right away from teens who will be 18 by election day. Not a big deal, but I don’t see what is gained by removing it.

Anyway, I’ve met too many people who say that they will show up at the polls and make their decisions there.

My irony detector went off late, but it’s still an impressive reading.

I don’t get it either. Have any of them seen him interviewed? He can’t string together a coherent sentence.

One of the people who helped with the ballot counting with me was a man who said “I’m 85 years old and still working!” but probably had some degree of dementia, because his job was looking into opened envelopes to see if anything was in them, and he couldn’t figure out how to do it and had to be repeatedly re-oriented several times throughout the day. He did not come back on the second day (he was scheduled knowing this) and I for one was relieved, because he was really slowing the whole process down. Anyway, I’m mentioning him because he was probably more capable in his condition than Walker is on his best day.

Oh, yeah, I’ve heard rumors for years that laws were going to be passed stating that if a woman went to a doctor stating that she wanted to have an abortion, that doctor HAD to perform it. No ifs, ands, or buts. Okay, so a cardiologist who has never performed one, let alone delivered a baby since medical school, must do this? Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

The hospital where I used to work had “Pregnancy test” as a not-uncommon reason for an ER visit, which looked ridiculous on the surface because you can get those at the dollar store, and could at the time too. I found out that a lot of those girls and women did that because they thought that if the test was positive, they could get an abortion if they were at the hospital. FTR, the hospital I worked at for many years did not perform them unless the mother’s life was in danger, and/or the baby had a fatal birth defect. (The two overlapped very frequently.) I’m sure that if a woman wanted one, they would tell her where she could get one.

Since we here in Kentucky saw fit to send Rand Paul back to Washington, Vance’s win means that at least we might not have the biggest douche in the Senate anymore.

I mean, it’ll be close.

No doctor should do a procedure they are not qualified to do. However, some OB-GYNs are devoutly Catholic or for other reasons do not wish to do every operation or medical intervention. Some Catholic hospitals in Canada may discourage these or not do them.

In early pregnancy, in some circumstances, these can also be treated with medications such as misoprostol which induce delivery of a non-viable fetus. In Canada, these doctors, who often do know how to do these things, can still in conscience, refer patients to another physician who routinely performs them, even if in the usual realm of their soecialty.

I assumed the dermatologist comment was a joke, and that this is too. But my goal is for the meaning to be clear, in the unlikely event the point was misinterpreted or would be by someone else.

Emergency pregnancy tests are quantitative, giving a specific value if the beta is over 25. These are more accurate and useful than most commercially available tests, particularly cheaper ones. This also allows tests to be repeated in two to three days which yields useful information. These tests are often done on any woman potentially pregnant or having regular periods who require, say, a chest X-ray or who present with any abdominal or pelvic symptoms.

And I’m sure there are plenty of non-Catholic OB/GYNs who don’t do abortions because, for whatever reason, they don’t want to.

Good point.

Yes absolutely. The reaction of my friends and I has been “people have no idea what was being asked.” I didn’t hear a whiff of any explanation of them, myself. I had to go out to find info. I don’t even think the Ohio Democrats or my county’s Democratic party even mentioned them.

Yes, I thought Vance was the idiot I was thinking of in another thread. I know one of these alleged hillbilly sorts from Ohio, she’s an author of some note herself and she’ll have no truck with anything he’s got to say, about poor people in Ohio or anything else. Lucky for her she’s now in Tennessee!

I’m not surprised that Vance won, but I am disappointed in a 6 point edge, similar to the general in 2020. I was hoping it would be much closer, but it doesn’t seem like anything really matters at this point.

And yes with both issues I think it’s a matter of an increasingly less educated population unable to understand either issue. The GOP has us exactly where they want us.

The only healing salve: deep red Warren County now has a Dem rep in DC.

Yeah this is the correct take. I hate these dumb fucking takes about “enjoy having a suck-ass governor you didn’t vote for, loser.” This isn’t what helped us flip Senate seats in Georgia, and it’s a drag on helping convert the governor’s office, and it’s part of what’s making this year’s Senate race closer than it should be.

If Ohio were to flip blue, would’t life be so much better? But sure, instead let’s call them shitass losers, as if Vance didn’t just run a successful campaign whose centerpiece was “did you know they’re calling you shitass losers.”

Kentucky voters did surprise me by voting down the amendment that would have enshrined anti-abortion language in the state constitution. Even my (mostly) rural county voted against it! At least the state supreme court will now get to weigh in on the abortion ban passed by the legislature.

In spite of what the pundits had been saying, it looks like the overturn of Roe v. Wade did have an impact on the midterms.

Did they not read the literature when they signed up for medical school? No idea what the job description would entail?

If you don’t want to do abortions, there are plenty of medical fields where it is very unlikely you would ever have to perform one, and there are no medical fields where you may not be required to perform one to save the life of a mother.

If an ER doc has a pregnant trauma patient, and the only way to save the mother is to perform an abortion, should they wait until a referral is available? Would you think they should keep their medical license if they let a patient die because of their own religious beliefs?

In Canada, you also have a healthcare system that makes sense. In the US, going to a doctor only to be referred to another doctor because, even though the first is qualified to perform the procedure but refuses to, can often be extremely expensive and time consuming.

It was to clear things up, as you were implying that any doctor had to perform an abortion. I don’t think they should, except in emergency situations. However, I do think that anyone who has chosen to be in OB/GYN should be required to perform all legal procedures needed by the patient. If I was a Zero Population Growth believer as an OB/GYN, would I be able to refuse to provide pre-natal care or delivery? Could a Jehovah’s witness refuse to give a blood transfusion to a patient?

Yeah, I don’t always go by the voter guides, but since I was a bit confused by the issue, I went and grabbed one out of my mailbox, and was disappointed to see that 1 and 2 weren’t on there.

That’s because they combined the district with Hamilton, with some interesting fiddling on the borders.

It’s always amusing when someone blames some random person on the internet for causing the end of the world. It’s as if they don’t think that Republicans have any agency at all, and will react to any nut-picked comment that they can take as an insult by tearing down our country.

Though, now that I think about it, that sounds about right. The question is, since as long as there is a single person on the internet who may be inclined to insult them, and that person will be pointed out as being representative of all Democrats by disingenuous actors, what can we do about it, short of making it illegal to say anything negative about any Republican? (And even if they couldn’t find an example, they’d just make one up.)