J.D Vance

Would you agree that this man’s ascension to the presidency looks inevitable?

Never heard of him. Apparently he wrote a book once?

I take it you’ve given up on Michael Moore and Ron Paul?

Care to make your case?

Um, no. Tom Clancy wrote better books, for at least a few entries into the Jack Ryan series, but I’d never vote for him. J.D. Vance is a one trick pony. On the left, I wouldn’t mind if the talent less Ta-Nehisi Coates went away as well.

Jack Vance could write rings (of ioun stones) around him.

I’m not in the States so may be out of touch, but I was under the impression that Vance’s work had touched something in the American psyche.

Never heard of him.

I admire both these men, but the two Al’s (Gore and Sharpton) are my political touchstones.

I disagree with the vast majority of what mr. Coates writes, but he isn’t talent less, he is a very smart public intellectual and knows an impressive amount about American history.

Well, it was a very good book, but suggesting he’ll become President would be like making such a suggestion about TaNehisi Coates(sp).

I’d be shocked if even 4% of all Americans know who he is and I’d be further shocked if he has any interest in being President.

Then your knowledge and understanding of American politics is extremely limited and also quite dated.

Perhaps you have no soul to be touched …. :wink:

Despite the fact that his book was a bestseller, and got a fair amount of attention during the election last year, I didn’t even recognize his name until I googled him (at which point I remembered that I’d heard of him, and his book, last year, but he’s been off my radar since then…and I’m reasonably well-informed about U.S. politics). I’d guess that under 10% of Americans would recognize the name of his book, and if even 2% of Americans recognize his name, I would be stunned.

He apparently considered running for the U.S. Senate this year, but opted against it.

I’ve never heard of Vance or his book before. I’d give Al Franken a higher chance of becoming President.

Fellow cognoscenti will be relieved to know that the sharing of a family name with the legendary Jack Vance is a coincidence. I checked.

No idea who he is, which doesn’t rule him out. It does invalidate the inevitability of his ascension to the presidency.

I listened to a couple of his interviews when he was promoting his book and he struck me as an impressive person. I could see him becoming a successful politician but the Presidency would be a distant goal. From what I could gather, his politics is in the mould of centrist Democrats like Manchin and it’s hard to see someone like that getting the nomination of either party.

Americans want a doer, like a hugely successful businessman, charismatic,bold, flexible and wise; with dazzling rhetoric that can floor rivals on the way to the TV Show knock-out of the hated villain.
Not some pointyheaded reader in the Adlai Stevenson mould.

My first thought was - Dying Earth? Is this a Trump joke or a climate change joke?