J.J. Abrams' Klingons (DVD deleted scene from Star Trek)


Behold Abrams’ Klingons in all their glory. And please no bitching about this not being Star Trek or Abrams getting the continuity wrong, there’s enough of that in the original link. I like the ambiguity of the Klingon masks, dammit. The Gestapo vibe is also interesting, I wonder if the fascist thing is getting more of a treatment in the next movie.

Oh, god, the comments…

They looked like the Gorrillas from Planet of the Apes dressed up like Cylons, and really, trotting out the ear slugs from ST II again? I think this was best left out.

Only problem I have is 3 Klingons being taken down by one unarmed Romulan.

Does everyone have Ceti Eeels now? Are they given away as prizes at Holiday Fairs instead of goldfish?

No, but they are readily available on cetialphawhatever.com. Overnight delivery costs extra.

And, one might add, not some kind of Romulan commando, but a Romulan miner.

Speaking of the Star Trek movie, Wil Wheaton just revealedthat he provided the voices for the Romulans on Nero’s ship.

What? He was a kid? Pretty big for his age.

No comment about these Klingons, but Hypno-Toad just reminded me that I need to have a Galaxy Quest and Star Trek marathon for Thanksgiving. ST will be my first Blu-Ray purchase!

Well, didn’t Worf get pimp-slapped every week whenever they needed to emphasize how badass the latest monster was? And aren’t Vulcans and presumably their cousins, the Romulans, supposed to be, like, super strong? The Enterprise Klingons even got their asses kicked in by wu shu, which is like the least useful fighting art ever (pretty, though). Yeah, okay, this is a desperate fan-wank.

MINER not minor

Zoinks has a point, for a Warrior race the Klingons did get asskicked a lot.

In TNG, Corf got his ass kicked every week to show that the villain of the week was a badass. Unfortunately all you ever ended up seeing was Worf getting his ass kicked, so it made you wonder how capable he really was in the first place.

Same deal here - Klingons apparently are now just ways to show how badass the person beating up the Klingon is.

Thinking yourself to be bad ass and actually being bad ass are 2 entirely different things - apparently the klingons couldnt even beat the tribbles in TOS, so apparently the only races they actually conquered were either pacifist or imaginary.

Incidentally, TV Tropes calls this The Worf Effect, regardless of what work of fiction you’re dealing with.

I had no idea Predator was going to be in the sequel.

Other than Abrams’ or the studio’s comments, how do we know that those WERE Klingons?

Yeah, but didn’t the ass-kicking end during the Deep Space Nine run? i remember Worf and all the Klingons, being some dangerous Mofos.


Perhaps being a prison warden is such a low-caste position in the Klingon Empire that they hire other races to perform the duties. There might as well be Tellerites or Pakleds under those helmets…