J.K. Rowling on her favorite Harry Potter character / new cover art for reissues

I guessed right - will you?

And I like the new covers, although I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily any better than the originals.

Nope, guessed wrong. I picked Harry Potter .

But I do like the new covers better than the old ones. They seem more in tune with the actual contents of the book. I think the old covers were vague to keep the mystery going, and they accomplished that.

I guessed Hermoine.

I don’t particularly like the new covers, myself. I kind of like the 3rd, 5th and 6th. I prefer my book covers to be less busy.

I guessed Hermione too, based on an interview I saw where she said Hermione is based on her as a teenager.

New covers are OK, but #4 has the worst looking dragon I’ve ever seen.

I figured it’d be either Hermione or Luna.

Do you know any teenage girls who like themselves?

I guessed Hermione or Ron, based on them being based on her and a guy she used to date.


I guessed

Snape. My impression is that it’s the creation and handling of Snape for which she’s received the most approval from established literary figures (though that could be wrong, too…!)

Looks kind of like a horned toad.

I guessed Ron. He’s the kind of funny, moody underdog I think it would have been fun to write.

I’d guessed Hagrid.

I guessed right. I think it was the elaborate backstory she has revealed for him, that doesn’t even all make it to the books, that was my clue.

I guessed right, but it really was just a guess. Otherwise I would’ve guessed Harry, Hermione or Snape.

This is my first time seeing the new book covers- reading about them I thought I’d hate them but I actually really like them. I think one day I’d like to have all seven of the books with the new covers.

I guessed Sirius Black. He seems a fan favourite, at least, though I didn’t particularly like him all that much.

I love the covers. The artist, Kazu Kibuishi, edited a comic book series called Flight that I have the complete collection of, full of stunning art just like that.

I thought it would be Ron as well, I never found Dumbledore particularly interesting.

On a sidenote, the more I read and learn about J.K. Rowling the more she seems like one of the genuinely good people out there. Good luck to her.

I like the new covers as well.

I guessed Neville, who went from nebbish to badass over the course of the books and who has picked up a huge fan following as a result.

Ha! I thought that name looked familiar - I loved the Flight anthologies (especially that crystal … fox? storyline that was seemingly continued from volume to volume), and Copper was a great webcomic overall.

Hadn’t thought of that, but I think you’re right. I wish she’d disclosed his sexual orientation in the books, though, making it Potterverse canon, rather than as an offhanded comment in an interview after the last book came out. It would’ve been a widely-noted strike against bigotry - consistent with her biting criticism of anti-“mudblood” prejudice, which has obvious real-world equivalents.

Well, OK, this far into the thread, I guess we can discuss her pick - Dumbledore - openly.

I totally agree. I still stick by the theory that he was the chosen one in his killing of the final true horcrux. So I believe that she is just throwing out another red-herring and keeping Neville in the background yet again. :wink:

I would have guessed that she ranks them:

  1. Luna - Luna is a true hero in many ways and must be fun to write. She’s a hoot.

  2. Neville - Again, a true hero. It could have been him that was the “chosen one”.

  3. Dumbledore - He’s hilarious and scary at the same time.

  4. Hermione - It’s her.

  5. Ron and Harry