Jack Chick vs. The Dixie Chicks

Which scenario would be preferable?

  1. World domination by Jack Chick


  1. World domination by the Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks. Please.

Dixie Chicks, I think. At least they have 6 redeeming qualitys. 9 if they do anal.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

This isn’t even a contest. Dixie Chicks may be annoying, but I’d rather have an annoying group in charge of the world then an intolerant, hypocritical jack-off.

A better question would be Jack Chick or Saddam Hussein.
That’s a toughie, to be honest.

I actually LIKE the Dixie Chicks. Come on, they were just expressing their opinions, not insisting that everyone must feel this way or burn in the firey pit of Eternal Damnation.

Dixie Chicks, no question about it. And I hate the Dixie Chicks.

Then again, my name isn’t “Earl”. :smiley:

Dixie Chicks all the way! They’ve always come on like air-heads anyway, and I like their music.

Dixie Chicks - I may not like their music or their politics, but, as ** gatopescado ** mentioned, they do have some redeeming features, unlike Jack Chick.

I’m Cornfused.

DAMMIT! I realized 2 seconds after posting you were referring the song “Earl had to die” and not my board name…

::Runs off to die a lonely, embarrassed death::

Well… you had to die. (sometime)

I’m going to say Jack Chick. Have you seen the Dixie Chicks’ performance rider?

Plus, he hasn’t long to live, right? Isn’t he getting up there? The 'Chicks have plenty of years ahead ;).

And um…I didn’t mean to quote gato’. I was going to extoll on their redeeming qualities a bit, but decided against it upon realizing that they’d want too much.

Jack would be a feeble pushover, we’d only have to worry about that glowing no-face guy on the throne. The Chicks would comprise a powerful triumvirate of evil that would be hard to topple, even if we aligned ourselves with their recent ex-allies Charlie Daniels and Clear Channel.

Just be glad Chick Hearn is dead. :eek: