So, those of you who are good at this, how the heck do you make it look so simple? I can draw well, but I never really learned to carve. It is always a huge effort to get even close to the effect I want. What am I doing wrong?

Give me your ideas on the best way to carve up a pumpkin!

I made Bugs Bunny, with buck teeth. Had long ears, one of which broke because it was too heavy, so I ended up tearing other one off and sticking them into the earholes
kinda sideways and lopsided. 3D bunny ears. really cute!
So, how do you do that half-carving thing?

You have to have the right tools. Are you using the teeny little saws they sell now? 'Cause they work a heck of a lot better than a steak knife.

That’s right, bluethree. ShibbOleth, they sell little kits for carving at most grocery stores and drug stores now. I think they’re about 7 or 8 bucks US. Mommies I work with swear by 'em. Good luck!

Check out this site. It’s full of patterns, techniques, tools, and tips. (just to name a few). I have four pumpkins to carve this year and I’m going to do The Grim Reaper,a Witch, a Wolf, and a Coffin. The patterns are on this site and there’s also pictures of actual pumpkins with these designs. I bought a pumpkin carving kit at Wal-Mart that has 4 or 5 tools and patterns and it was only $4.00.

Or you could try Pumpkin Masters. They make the little saws and have patterns and stuff. Their theory is that you tape the pattern on to the pumpkin, poke holes in the pmpkin along the pattern lines and then use the saw to connect the holes. Voila!

Of course, I’ve never tried it because I can’t get past sticking my arm inside to clean it out.