Pumpkin Carving Sites?

Ivylad loves Halloween…more than Christmas, I think. We’ve picked up our pumpkin and he’s looking for sites with free or cheap pumpkin carving patterns.

We’ve visited Extreme Pumpkins and Pumpkin Masters, but nothing grabbed his interest. Any suggestions?

Is it too early to talk about this yet? :frowning:

Too early? No I wouldn’t think so. My wife used to carve pumpkins. She was great at it. She got started several years ago with a kit she bought at Wal-Mart it was just a few dollars and came with patterns and some tools to use. She did haunted houses and witches, faces and black cats…etc
I bought one of those hard styrofoam jack o’lanterns for like $5 at w-mart that has the bulb in it. I got her to carve the opposite side of the jack face with one of her designs. It’s a permanent halloween decoration that she left for me. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’d just go get the kit.

Have fun.

You could try the Spookmaster site. Some of it is free, some of it has a subscription fee. And here’s the Pumpkin Wizard site. I can see if I can find others.


I like these.

There was this thread from last year. Does it help at all?

here ya go
free patterns and some instructions…any tools and kits available online etc.
I’d just copy the patterns and go to a hardware store and get a scroll blade and get busy. Maybe some other tools you want…I bet I could put a thin blade or a scroll blade in my jigsaw and do a pretty good job. I’ve got a nice set of exacto knives that come in handy as well.
Transferring patterns looks simple enough…hell I used to help Therese when she first started. I got her a Dremel tool to help her with some of her crafts…I bet that sucker would really cut some jack o’ lanterns.
I may have ta do a couple for the kids just for the heck of it. I’ve got some pumpkins out in the garden. Some gourds too.


This is my favorite. Last year I did Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, and Homer Simpson.

Darn, it looks like they are not free anymore.

This is Ivylad ( I don’t like that name). I appreciate your enthusiasm for your candidate but Halloween is not about politics!!! As a disabled veteran I have a severe disdain for kerry. If you know of any sites that are about real pumpkin carving please let me know. Thanks. Thomas Stone (STS2) retired.

Where the hell have you been? Don’t you know that pumpkins are The Devil’s Vegetable?

There’s always these. :smiley:

Okay, this is ivylass. Ivylad was unaware that he is not allowed to post under my user name. I apologize for any confusion. We have a pattern picked out…a dragon in flight. Thanks for everyone’s help!

So, where can I find instructions on HOW to do these types of carvings? What tools, etc? Rotozip? Dremel? Plain ol’ knife??

DirkGntly the tool I’ve seen probably the most used is a drywall saw. It’s basically a jigsaw or scroll saw blade w/ a handle at one end. There are some cool links in the thread and patterns can be bought at several places. Last night after participating in this thread I dug out some Halloween decorations and found several books with jack patterns my wife had purchased at Hobby Lobby and similar craft places. She had purchased them all on sale at less that a buck a piece but the regular price on these pattern books was only $2.49/ea. some are quite elaborate and there are dozens of pattern in each book.
An electric jigsaw is recommended by some jack artists…reciprocating saws (ie:sawz-all) also recomended for cutting out the tops…ice cream scoops for cleaning out the pulp. Small hand drills for starting your cuts. Xacto knives for details etc… you could spend a fortune to be an “expert” by these guys instructions.
I believe I’d get me a drywall saw if I didn’t have plenty of tools already. They’re cheap. If you do use a knife…please be extra careful.
and have fun :slight_smile:

Last spring we planted three pumpkin seeds in the back yard. Now we have a kajillion gigantic pumpkins to carve.

I was just in my workshop, looking at my dremel and looking at a pumpkin, and everything in my head was saying “gigantic mess!”. The rotozip, being even more powerful than the dremel, I suspect would spray pumpkin puree over everything in sight. I can’t even imagine what a sawzall would do to a pumpkin. Seems like overkill to me.

Fun overkill, in a Gallagher sort of way, but I don’t really want to have to cover the porch in plastic just to carve pumpkins.

I’ve printed out The Cheat, Strong Bad and Trogdor stencils from Home Star Runner. When I get a chance today I’m going to try out The Cheat on one of the less than perfectly shaped pumpkins. When it gets closer to halloween I’ll do it again on a better pumpkin.

I have some really thin steel wire, I wonder if I can use that, cheese cutter like, to do some of the cutting.