Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Open Spoilers)

Wondering if anyone else saw this. I was surprised how much I liked it. It was entertaining but not ridiculous with good performances. Kevin Costner was surprisingly good. The fleeting image of 9/11 (not really a spoiler) made me feel a little uncomfortable but I get why they addressed it. I look forward to seeing another Jack Ryan movie

I really liked it too. Sort of typical James Bond type movie but well done.

Really nice to see Keira Knightley, she looks better every year.

Could someone please explain why the poster tag read “Trust No One” when there wasn’t a single betrayal in the entire movie?

Wait…Jack Ryan is a spy/agent/general bad ass again? Last Clancy book I read had him as POTUS…

Maybe this is a prequel? Or is he Jack Ryan, Jr? :confused:

I found it kind of amusing that they had Jack, a guy with zero experience, running an op like that on a situation where failure could quite literally mean the end of life as we know it. He went from analyst to spy to leading the entire operation within a matter of hours. Now, I know he’s supposed to be pretty badass, but that really kind of paints everyone else in a bad light.

How dare they stick Tom Clancy’s name on something he didn’t write?

It’s a reboot, according to the review I read. Forget about Harrison Ford/Alec Baldwin/Ben Affleck.

Must have been his inner James T. Kirk shining through.

Kind of like Kirk going from juvenile delinquent to academy wiseguy to captain of the fleet’s flagship in about 20 minutes in the Star Trek movie a couple years ago.

I do get that they compressed the time by a factor of three or so, to keep the movie from being an hour longer.

Yeah, that made me laugh too. It made sense that he could kill the “bodyguard” who tried to kill him, since Ryan was a marine. But it does seem like it’s pushing it to have him break into the bad guy’s office and do the hacking. It seems like it would be better for a field agent to go in and do the hacking. And I was confused by the hacking anyway- he could get to the security guy’s computer by just plugging into the wall by his office?

Then when they were on the plane going back to the US, and he was walking from analyst to analyst figuring everything out, I laughed. He was basically figuring out everything, of course with an assist from his fiance who noticed that one of the buildings pictured was on Wall Street. I also laughed when Ryan was driving the van towards the water, then the terrorist popped back up, since he had somehow snuck back into the van.

It was very ridiculous, in so many ways, but I enjoyed it. The plot kept moving and I liked the characters. But also I wouldn’t be heartbroken if there’s not a sequel.

I’m a woman & not smitten with Keira Knightly, but was anyone else distracted by her teeth? Her crooked, annoying teeth? Or is that part of her appeal? I don’t get it.


I honestly didn’t recognize her until she smiled. They way they styled her, and her American accent, had me thinking “who is this generic cute actress?”

Back to my question:

The poster had Ryan, his girlfriend and his boss in a triple pose, and the “Trust No One” tag right above them. Did I sleep through a scene where any of them, or any major character in that movie, turned out to be a double or triple agent for one side or the other?

Well… there was the bodyguard, I suppose.

Oh, and Jack and his girlfriend *did *kind of betray the Russian…

I haven’t seen her in this movie, but I’ve always thought she looks anorexic. Maybe her teeth keep her from eating properly?

Keira Knightly has annoying teeth? :dubious:

Blink and you’ll miss it, but the caption says 10 years later when that particular plot begins. So I presume he is experienced enough at the cloak ie snooping bit,; but not with the dagger ie paramilitary part. Which is whyvhecis unsure of what to do with Idi Amin’s corpse.������


I have a colleague here at work who just think she’s the hottest thing ever. I, however, just think she is butt ugly. Furthermore the skinnier she gets, the bigger her teeth seem to get.

I saw it tonight. The Jack Ryan parts of the movie were good. The Keira Knightly parts… Blechhh!