Jack Straw denied knighthood and peerage

The Guardian reports

There seem to be several different things going on here.

One, Straw was apparently engaged in influence peddling.
Two, there’s some pushback against the reporters who revealed that.
Three, his ministry was part of the Bush-era ‘extraordinary renditions.’
Four, whatever else Corbyn may have against him.

Can Dopers who know more about Labour offer us their thoughts?

Nobody’s entitled to any honour, and particularly not those recommended as the political equivalent of the retirement gold watch, even if they have come to be seen as the norm.

Jack Straw has an unfortunate air of self-righteousness and self-importance anyway, and whatever the truth of any of the other matters pending, it would be shooting themselves in the foot to be recommending for honours someone with that amount of baggage around his neck. He’s damaged goods, and that’s all there is to it.

He blotted his copybook, not only with influence peddling but also in the expenses scandal a few years back, and has a bad reputation on Freedom of Information.

And he appears to have committed the ultimate sin of falling out with the current Labour leader.

Maybe the next Labour leader will have a different view?

It’s about time that the House of Lords stopped being treated as a present for retiring senior MPs and starts becoming less of a politicians’ retirement home.

One man gone and another to go.

Good, he was part of the debacle of Iraq. I think that’s the main reason why he was denied a peerage.

It is way past time for change in the Lords. to start with if they want their expenses then they have to put in a full 40 hours a week in the chamber, therefore stopping them from staying just long enough to sign in, that will thin the skivers out. as for Straw he has a wealth of experience to offer. Camoron should make him a Lord giving the labour leader the finger.