Jack Warden R.I.P.

Prolific character actor who appeared in a remarkable number of successful, prestigious, Oscar-winning films (scoring 2 nominations himself) died at 85. Films included his work with Sidney Lumet (12 Angry Men, The Verdict), Warren Beatty (Heaven Can Wait, Bulworth), Burt Lancaster (From Here to Eternity, Run Silent Run Deep), Hal Ashby (Shampoo, Being There), and Woody Allen (Bullets over Broadway, Mighty Aphrodite), he seemed to have an uncanny ability of appearing in movies where his co-supporting actors won Oscars: Melvyn Douglas, Lee Grant, Donna Reed, Jason Robards, Frank Sinatra, Mira Sorvino, Dianne Wiest. He won an Emmy for Brian’s Song. I guess I first remember him from his Twilight Zone episodes, and because my dad loved the show Crazy Like a Fox, but he was always memorable without ever grand-standing.


And who can forget his Oscar-worthy double role as the Fuchs brothers in “Used Cars”?

“My boss will have a heart attack when he sees this offer!”

RIP, Jack.

I really felt sorry for his character in Heaven Can Wait. It was one of my favorites roles of his. I’m sorry to hear he has died.


That’s who I thought of immediately. What a great role. He will be missed.


I loved him in Dirty Work.

(Beating up Norm MacDonald) “You son of a bitch! I can still hear, ya’ know! I don’t care how creepy I look!”

Great actor.

A unique character actor. And Justice For All was among my favorites, along with Used Cars. But he was excellent in almost every role, even when the movie wasn’t so hot.

I posted this in another forum.

He was the star of an overlooked but incredible cop show from the late 60’s called “NYPD”.

I wish this was on DVD; sad to say maybe now it’ll get consideration due to JW’s passing.


I came in to post about those two movies, as well as Heaven Can Wait, so since I’ve been beaten to the punch, let me just say, “What they said.”

And RIP.

I’m sad to hear of his passing. As others have said he always turned in great performances.
He was one of the 12 actors in “12 Angry Men”, which now leaves Jack Klugman as the sole survivor.