Jack webcomic on indefinite hiatus

Or more accurately, the author is on indefinite hiatus:


Yeah, for like a year now.

Wait, there’s a comic about Dragnet?

I’m surprised it’s still around.

I’m also amused by the phrasing of the OP…saying he, rather than his comic, has gone on an indefinite hiatus makes it sound like he’s slipped into a coma or something.

I tried reading a few, they seemed like furry Chick tracts.

It’s probably been close to a decade since I’ve seen that strip. I didn’t realize it was still active (or was a year ago).

I like to check webcomics at the Belfrycomics.net and knew about it, had not checked that one in ages, the joke in Encyclopedia Dramatica is that Dave Hopkins is 'the poor man’s Jay Naylor" Another furry web comic creator that also curiously has his PG web comic on hiatus too.

I would say also that is curious that the comic of Jay Naylor is PG rated because a lot of his work is NSFW like Hopkins.

Well if the page currently up is any indication, he’s doing “therapy” drawing- depicting his avatar character slicing his wrists.

Jack’s coming back, in case anybody’s still interested.

Oh, and Original Life, Jay Naylor’s PG webcomic is back too.