It's Webcomic Recco Time Again

Yes, my friends. I noticed I’m running low on webcomics again. And I dearly love some webcomix. Even did one myself for about five years and I’m thinking about doing another one or two now that the store is up and running.

So recommend me some webcomics to look at each day. Here’s the ones I’m very fond of at the moment.

Questionable Content
Something Positive
Order of the Stick
Cat and Girl
Diesel Sweeties
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Oh Joy Sex Toy
Scandinavia and the World
Wonderella (I wish it updated more)

I have others on the list but I’m not really attached. So who can recco webcomics like those above. Some ongoing stories, some snarky and nerdy comics. You tell me.

Help a dude out, people. Help a dude out.

I’ll post more from home, but if you haven’t tried Stand Still Stay Silent, check it out.

They only update about once a week but I really like Misty the Mouse, Pulse, Sequential Art, and TwoKinds. TwoKinds got really dark over the past few strips.

Oh yeah, Wapsi Square but that’s on quasi-hiatus due to the pandemic. The artist has been doing some animation instead.

Forgot another one: Sandra and Woo.

I guess you didn’t like Dumbing of Age, OP? That’s a daily, hasn’t missed an update in a bazillion years. Actually ever, if I’m not mistaken.

A couple of days ago, SMBC alerted me to the existence of Hark! A Vagrant. It’s all archival these days. I’m pacing myself so as not to blow through all 404 strips too fast (I’m currently at 150).

Girl Genius.

I’d be sort of surprised if it was new to you since it’s been running since 2006 but Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic which started out as gags about monsters in a dungeon and turned into a sweeping story-driven lore-tangle. Also, sometimes, boobs. Starts slow, as webcomics often do, picks up steam.

Bumping this one to mention that since the OP mentions XKCD, that has a great hold on the science behind the issues, one strip needs to be unrecomended:

Sinfest has gone full antivaxxer, anti mask and against transgender rights to boot. And for one of the most ignorant reasons, the one about not grasping the concept that one does go to a vaccine scientist for vaccine advice, not to think that transgenders are involved with vaccines somehow when in reality with issues about transgenders one should ask the scientists involved in (1) genetics, (2) neurobiology and (3) endocrinology..

Ishida started taking the title a little too literally, eh?

If that were the case, it would be named Stupidfest.

GG is on a semi-hiatus from the main story, as Phil Foglio is recovering from surgery.

I follow Questionable Content, Something Positive, Dumbing Of Age, Looking For Group, Pixie Trix Comix and Go Get A Roomie.

Marblegate, a recent find of mine, has dungeon exploring and dwarves and brain monsters.

That was fun. Too bad I read five years worth in two evenings and it seems to move at a fairly slow pace (strip generation wise, plotting isn’t bad).

Well, after a period of no updates it seems to have gone back to one page every week, which is regular enough for me. The Monster under the Bed has one page every two weeks, and YAFGC hasn’t updated since the 18th of last month.

Oh, sure… to be clear, I was lamenting it because I’m enjoying the comic and would like more, not criticizing the creator. I know people have other duties and jobs and need to creatively pace themselves, etc. I just started in 2016, skipped to the last comic to see it was actively updated and then breezed through it quicker than expected. Shucks darn. I intend to stay with it and would recommend it.

I have one comic on my feed that updates once a week and it’s very often a single fairly simple panel, with the main character saying “What the—” or similar. I’m not even invested in it any longer but it’s still in my feed and laziness/inertia keeps me “reading” it. It was another case of reading a decent backlog and getting up to speed before it slammed the brakes.

I recently read all 3693 strips of Freefall – updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Here’s one of my favorite webcomics: Faux Pas.

And another of my favorites, Gunnerkrigg Court, which has never failed to update on Monday, Wednesday, and riday.

I read a handful of webcomics, most of which have already been mentioned here, but lately I’ve developed the habit of finding webcomics that I really like that immediately go on indefinite hiatus.

[un]Divine - a lavishly illustrated comic about a young man in an ambiguously caribbean setting who gets in over his head when he summons a demon. The artist admits they made the mistake of putting too much effort into it and not being able to keep up that level of effort indefinitely. Rather than tone down the art, they opted to put it on hold. But what is there is quite compelling.

Principles of Magic - A comic about girls who can do magic who are sent to a special school where it’s beaten out of them. This hiatus will probably be shorter than indefinite, but was extended from “three months” to “probably six months”

One comic you don’t have to worry about going on hiatus is O Human Star, because it’s over. It’s a fun sci-fi transhumanist story that veers wildly between tragic and hopeful.

Bump because I didn’t think this warranted its own thread.

I’ve recently spent a fair chunk of my vacation time on Nerf Now!! (the exclamation points are integral), the main subject of which is author Josue Pereira’s video game experiences. The tremendous majority of it has to deal with online multiplayer team fighters, in particular DOTA2 (I forgot what that means) and Team Fortress 2, but he also has a number of pet subjects, including Street Fighter, Sonic The Hedgehog, and the entire Mario canon. In the early days there were extensive story arcs, but now it’s more focused on individual subjects and the continuous drama of the characters.

One strange thing I noticed about Pereira’s work is that while there’s plenty of skin…bikinis, hot pants over leotards, competition swimsuits, etc., not only is it always completely out of the blue, he always explicitly calls it out (“FANSERVICE! THIS IS THE FANSERVICE!”). It’s like he’ll do it, but he doesn’t like in and is only in it for the money. This is reinforced by the fact that he never, ever shows an areola or a bit of genitalia, and on the extremely rare instances those areas are uncovered, the space is left blank. Frankly, I dispute the effectiveness of “teases” if you do it every single time over the course of literally thousands of episodes…like, even the most degenerate videogamer is going to catch on eventually…but it seems to be well received, so who knows.

The thing I most have a problem with (aside from the fact that I was never into MMORPGs) is the undercurrent of mysogyny framing the always-annoying author power fantasy. The author insert, Jo, a purple tentacle (don’t ask), is the lord and master of his domain (which is amazingly luxurious for whatever work he supposedly does, I might add), with the women in his home literal slaves who must serve his every whim under the constant thread of banishment. (Or in extreme cases, “just a joke” murder. :angry:) He throws his first lady companion, Engie, out, then watches her struggle to get back on her feet before tormenting her with an April Fools gag. :astonished: I’ve seen this with Black Hat Guy in xkcd, but his terrorist rampages were only a very small part of the comic, and Randall Munroe did eventually tone him down considerably. Jo’s ironclad tyranny is part and parcel of the strip. Good lord, how utterly pathetic does your life have to be that you get your jollies abusing your own creations?

In fact, once you delve into it, you really get the sense that Pereira is against women having any power or self-determination. Granted, it’s a lot subtler than the usual misogynist takes; he isn’t against feminism so much as he isn’t even aware of its existence. The idea of a woman striking back, standing up for herself, or controlling her own destiny baffles him. And that, in a sense, is even worse. If you say “women are evil and want to hurt men”, I get that. I disagree, but I get it. If you way “women are incapable of being evil or hurting men”, you’re an alien to me.

It’s a shame because in most other respects, Pereira is actually pretty chill. He has a no-nonsense common sense position on subjects like Candy Crush, Bitcoin, and DLC. He’s against flaming and trolling. He understands that it’s just a game and no one should take it too seriously, but throwing “tryhard” at players who do take it seriously isn’t productive. In every respect except his treatment of women, Nerf Now!! is a perfectly readable webcomic and certainly one of the better video game-themed webcomics. But I’m sorry, I just can’t get past that. I get headaches from reading that crap. Sorry, pal, I’m done, and you don’t get my money.

Any, my recommendation is 2721, which has the best recommendation regarding the first Sonic movie I’ve seen anywhere. Definitely going to save this one!