OK, help me build a new wecomic list

Hello everyone. Plugging in a new desktop and took the time to dispose of my webcomic bookmarks hoping a fresh start will lead to new happiness.


Questionable Content
Low Forecast (hint hint)
Girl Genius
Scary Go Round
Something Positive
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Dinosaur Comics
Amazing Superpowers
Scandinavia and the World
Oh Joy Sex Toy

What else can you all recommend?

Order of the Stick
Full Frontal Nerdity
Least I Could Do

It doesn’t get updated very frequently, but when it does it’s usually pretty funny: The Perry Bible Fellowship ( http://pbfcomics.com).

This one is probably my favorite: http://pbfcomics.com/150/

Cat and Girl
Let’s Speak English
Modest Medusa

A few from my list:

Achewood (was dead for about a year, just started updating again)
Basic Instructions (done; in reruns, still funny)
Bug Martini
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Scenes From a Multiverse

A friend recommended Freefall, and I’m enjoying it. Clever writing, kinda minimal art, but it has heart.

I am absolutely loving Spinnerette, but ya gotta be a superhero comics fan for it to work.

Wilde Life
Gunnerkrigg Court
Stand Still. Stay Silent
False Positive

Grrl Power - A geeky, excessively excitable, tomboy comic shop owner acquires superpowers and joins the first official superteam…which happens to be a branch of the military.

Broodhollow - A down-at-the-heels encyclopedia salesman comes into an inheritance in a very strange little town.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things - The Commander runs a sort of half-way house devoted to integrating macho video game characters back into normal society. He also just knitted a sweater for a megalodon.

Erfworld - A avid gamer is summoned into a wargame-like world to be the Perfect Warlord…which his new boss needs because he’s in a strategically hopeless situation. Mix of comic pages and text updates, and it’s gone through several artists/art styles, but it seems to have settled down to a really good art team now.

Camp Weedonwantcha - Bleak with occasional showers of adorable, Camp Weedonwantcha is a “summer” camp…only there are no counselors, and the parents are never coming to pick up the kids.

PS238 - A school for metaprodigies, i.e., superpowered kids. (And one unpowered, very nervous young boy.)

I’ve been liking David Willis’s current alternate universe version of his stable of characters, Dumbing of Age.

Hark! A Vagrant. xkcd makes all the STEM majors feel smug 'cause they got the joke; Hark does the same for literature/history buffs.

Most webcomics I like tend to be more insightful than actual laughter-level funny; Men In Hats is the exception. It has made my stomach hurt. One of the characters, Aram, supposedly served as Randall Munroe’s inspiration for the black hatted man.

In addition to ones already mentioned, Two Guys and Guy.

Here are some of mine you have not listed









Medium Large

I rather enjoyed Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell.

No longer being drawn, because the story arc has concluded. Quite satisfactorily, I might add. In episode 17, they tell us why he’s going to hell.

I was lured here by the smell of geek.
Here are some of my favorites that I see are not on your list:

Intelligent and intense fantasy story. The most exquisitely draw and intricately crafted webcomic I have ever seen. (Word of warning: frequently very gruesome and disturbing.)

Ava’s Demon
Beautifully drawn, highly imaginative sci-fi fantasy. One of my absolute favorites, but sadly hasn’t updated in a long time.

The Meek
Fantasy comic with very polished art and intriguing, complex story.

Mare Internum (by the same creator)
Beautifully drawn, unnerving psychological SciFi.

Eth’s Skin
(See Astro’s thread. )
Gender-queer folklore fantasy comic with simple yet elegant art. Promising story.

Another vote for Dumbing of Age
Fast-paced collage comedy-drama that deals seriously with various gender and relationship issues. Excellent character building and story telling. Updates daily.

Daughter of the Lilies
Enjoyable fantasy story with engaging characters.

The Young Protectors (NSFW) Link Gay hero-genre comic that has good writing and engaging, well-written characters.

Artifice (by the same author) (NSFW) Link Very intelligent and absorbing gay sci-fi drama.

Another vote for Camp Weedonwantcha
Enjoyable, lighthearted comedy about kids being left to die in the wilderness.

Sufficiently Remarkable
Quirky comedy drama with elegant art.

Oh, and if you’re an **Oglaf **fan, Platinum Grit, by the same creators.
(Sadly, on perpetual hiatus.)

It is entirely possible that I read too many webcomics.

I’m liking Dumbing of Age and Menage a 3, comics I found while looking for some that were similar to Questionable Content. There’s also Jeph Jacques other comic Alice Grove, which is pretty neat.

Oh, and one I’ve been reading forever now, PS238–a comic about a superhero elementary school. And I don’t mean one putting characters you already know in school. It actually started out as a regular comic.

Finally, I agree with astro that Esk’s Skin is pretty interesting.

And just in case you haven’t heard about it, there’s Darths and Droids, which reimagines the Star Wars movies as a tabletop RPG. and even does the impossible in making Jar Jar likable, and even makes the Vader/father thing still be a twist. It’s roughly based on DM of the Rings, which is a similar style comic for LotR.

And since I might as well finish out my list: there’s also Planet of Hats, which does humorous recaps of Star Trek episodes, and LARP Trek, a stalled comic where the TNG crew from mid-season 3 role play as the characters from DS9 after the holodeck breaks down.

I also am probably going to get back started on El Goonish Shive, since it’s apparently gotten a lot further than I last remember.

A Girl and Her Fed

Three Panel Soul


Kill Six Billion Demons
God is dead, and the corpses of dead gods in Heaven are inhabited by mortals, servitors, demons, and angels - ruled by seven Demiurges each of whom bears a Key allowing each to rule one-seventh of the multiverse. The heroine is a nondescript sorority sister who bears a Key in her own head. Stuff ensues.

The art is gorgeous, and the worldbuilding is excellent.

Very funny alien has the entire universe out to get him.

Schlock Mercenary - Comic space opera. Tackles all the usual sci-fi tropes, like hyperintelligent AIs and what happens if you accidentally create 900 million copies of someone.