Favorite webcomic?

I didn’t want to hijack the Wizard of Id thread so I thought I’d start this one. Mine:

abstruse goose
cyanide and happiness
hyperbole and a half
phd comics
the oatmeal

Order of the Stick
Least I Could Do

The first ones on my list of favorites:


Order of the Stick (linked above, I’m just chiming in that it’s one of my favorites)
Gunnerkrigg Court
Bad Machinery

I also read daily (or however often they’re published), so runners up for favorites
Questionable Content
El Goonish Shive
Quiltbag (formerly Penny & Aggie, still at URL by that name)
College Roomies from Hell!!! (I forget how many exclamations are officially in the title)
Dragon Doctors

I used to read daily, but stopped for some reason (not sure what the reason was):
Schlock Mercenary
Dominic Deegan

I like as much, or almost, as the ones above, but for some reason only read intermittently or sporadically:
Red String

There’s a lot more that used to be favorites, but ended.
Phoenix Requiem was the most recent to end.
1/0 and Unicorn Jelly longer ago.

Ones not mentioned, yet…

Kevin and Kell
Scandinavia and the World
Neils (From the same creator as SatW, and frequently NSFW, due to sex and or violence, so no link. You can find one on the SatW site.)
Sandra and Woo
The Guilded Age (One of the writers is the same as Penny and Aggie/Quiltbag, the current artist is the twin brother of the current artist on Penny and Aggie/Quiltbag.)
Dumbing of Age (From the same creator as Shortpacked!, set in an alternate universe, using characters from all of the creator’s previous comics - Shortpacked!, Roomies!, It’s Walky! and Joyce and Walky! - at college (the setting for Roomies!), and without some of the weirder crap that’s happened in the main universe.)
Maliki…the English comics are translated by fans and uploaded fairly sporadically in no particular order…the original French comics are updated more often.

And mentioned, but not linked… Quiltbag.

The ones I’ve been regularly following lately:

Order of the Stick
Full Frontal Nerdity
Penny Arcade
Diesel Sweeties
Deep Fried/Weapon Brown

I used to follow Space Moose, Bob the Angry Flower, Achewood, Nodwick and a number of others that I can’t remember at the moment.

A few of my favorites have already been listed so I’ll go with two new ones:

Darth and Droids It’s set in a universe where Star Wars never existed but the characters are role playing D&D style, the story of star wars from start to finish. It’s hilarious in that, while it follows the screenshots of Star Wars, they actually manage to create a different plot and character motivations. They’re just now starting Episode IV, so they’re literally halfway through the webcomic.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. He’s a ninja. And a doctor. And Irish apparently. And he fights pirates! And Dracula! And a zombified time travelling clone of Ben Franklin. Along with his 12 year old orphaned sidekick who grew a mustache through sheer force of will. Oh and some of them are in color. It’s good and bizarre.

Forgot about userfriendly and sinfest, used to read those all the time. Back on my feedreader they go…

PHD was genius for the first couple hundred, but I feel like it suffered the same plight that many “themed” comics experience: it ran out of material and just has to recycle. There are only so many good grad-school jokes and funny observations.

Has userfriendly started posting new comics? It seems to be in reruns for the last few years.

http://www.sheldoncomics.com/ is a good one as is his other comic Drive. Drive is a continuing story so you need to go to the beginning
http://shilongpang.com/ is another good graphic novel updated once a week

Sluggy Freelance

Darths and Droids, how did I forget it? But I knew I was forgetting a couple. I read that one as often as it comes out, too.

I used to read Kevin and Kell, and I used to read the one the same guy wrote before he wrote Sandra and Woo.

And I’ve occasionally spent time reading Pvp online, but (a couple years ago? I don’t remember exactly) I lost interest in it more than completely. To the point where I have a slight revulsion at the thought of reading it again (and not really any idea why, but the feeling that I don’t want to know… ).

On the converse, Something Positive always seems good when I read it, which is whenever it does a crossover into something I read, or one that I read did a guest comic for it - but I still never read it. I do know why, but not sure I can explain it. It’s the sarcasm and tone; I find them hostile in a way that makes me feel about that comic like I do about someone who I like, but feel like they don’t like me. So I stay away unless pulled in by someone else, but enjoy the visits that happen then.

Nobody’s mentioned “Girl Genius” yet?

Here’s my list:

Dinosaur Comics - an internet classic
Dr. McNinja - A several long (50-100 strips each) storylines. The humor is dead-on.
Girl Genius - One long storyline. A seminal influence on the steampunk genre. Great story. Great art.
Oglaf - Hilarious pornographic comic. Extremely funny. Extremely NSFW.
Order of the Stick - I’ve never played D&D, but the story sucked me in and I’m completely and hopelessly hooked.
Penny Arcade - I’m not a serious gamer, but theirs is one of the only brands of humor on the internet that will actually make me laugh out loud. Sometimes uncontrollably.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - One (or a few) panel comics daily. Often nerd-humor. Usually good for a smile.
XKCD - The paragon.

Girl Genius
Schlock Mercenary; where my username comes from.
Order of the Stick
A Miracle of Science (even though it’s finished)
8-Bit Theater

In addition to several of the ones already mentioned, I enjoy Gisele LaGace’s webcomics: Menage a 3 (which is sometimes NSFW), Eerie Cuties, and Magick Chicks.

I also liked Erik Schoenek’s Loserz and Nick Wright’s Treading Ground, but both have ceased adding new strips. They’ve both been theoretically replaced by new spin-off series - Quarter Life Crisis and Idle State - but these new series are not being updated either.

These, Oglaf, Misty the Mouse, TwoKinds, Wapsi Square, and Sequential Art. A Doemain of Our Own had a good nine-year run (and a couple of panels that aren’t quite safe for work).

Just remembered Trashed, which is inspired by the author’s experiences as a sanitation worker. NSFW in various places but the main page is fine.

Dork Tower
Full Frontal Nerdity

More I had forgotten about. Couple more added to the feedreader.