Jackets for Guys: What's in style?

So I’m in the market for a new jacket, but I have no idea what’s in style. I had a black leather one a few years ago, but those seemed to have fallen out of style, and the one I just lost was a suede one, which I liked, but I don’t necessarily need to have again.

So what jackets are in style for a 23 year old dude?

The A-2 is always in style.

I think pretty much everything from International Male is pretty cool.

I don’t follow men’s styles enough to know what’s in this year, but I do know that either an aviator jacket or a peacoat is always sexy— erm, I mean always a sign of classic style. You need to figure out which works better on you, with the clothes you normally wear.

Leather jackets are out of style? Since when?

If leather is out, then baby I don’t wanna be in!

For winter, a nice wool overcoat with scarf is always a nice look, whether with a tux, business suit, chinos or jeans. It just looks a little classy.

For fall, same goes for a heavy sportcoat. They class-up just about anything.