Jackson Five / Slavery Museum & Luxury Hotel



I guess now we know what happens if you answer those emails.

Sounds about right for a borther of Michael Jackson.

So that’s what they call 'em in their species.

Something like that, yea…

Aye, i can see it now.

A model village, with replicas of it being attacked and the inhabitants being pressganged and chained

“don’t blame it on the sunshine”

A replica of a slave ship in the port, with wax figures chained up and a narrow walkway to simulate the conditions your ancestors endured on their voyage to America. Illustrations of what the conditions and diseases of the voyage would do to the human body,

“don’t blame it on the moonlight”

Examples of the conditions and laws that they would face once they arrived and were sold into slavery, a figure showing the estimated profit gained from the trafficing of fellow humans

“don’t blame it on the good times”

the site of an actual mass grave at the port. Where thousands died and were buried before they even got to the shop, and representative of the hundreds of thousands who died on the long journey across the ocean.

“blame it on the boogie”

I couldn’t help but think of The Producers when reading this, just for the sheer determination to lose the largest possible sum of money in shortest possible timespan.

So we’ll all be getting e-invites to Nigeria soon, then?