Jackson, Mississippi library computers, no e-mail allowed.

This happened to me about two years ago, when I was living in Jackson, Mississippi. At this time, I had no access to a computer, so I used the computer in the Jackson public library.

These asshats have a rule stating that I can not use e-mail! I knew of this, and was stopped by one of their staff doing this like I was looking at porno. I complained and was told it was just “policy”.

I was looking for a job to get myself out of Jackson, Mississippi! Why would they implement such a stupid rule?!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

This happened two years ago and your just ranting about it now? Did it take you that long to find another internet connection?

Does sound like a stupid rule, though.

I saw a beautiful 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud in Jackson when I was there. I started to buy it, but got suspicious of it when the seller said that its engine had been rebuilt, and he wanted less than a hundred-thousand dollars for it.

Lib: Seeing as you have that kind of money to throw around, is there any chance that you’d adopt me?

I’d just like to say that the Eudora Welty Library in Jackson is my favorite library in the world.

I don’t know why.

My library back home in CA didn’t let people use e-mail. It’s to prevent stupid people from downloading viruses. And it’s a damn good rule.

  1. That’s why there are anti-virus programs, some of which integrate with e-mail programs.

  2. By doing web mail ONLY, one reduces the chance of a virus.

  3. It’s a fucking stupid rule.

How could they block web mail? I mean they could block sites like hotmail, etc… but lots of small sites have their own web mail…

No, it’s not a stupid rule. And you are an idiot for thinking it is a stupid rule. In fact, your reason #1 paints you as one of those idiots who would probably end up downloading a virus into the library system. Virus protection programs are not perfect. Most businesses have them. Yet, when a new virus or worm comes along, even those businesses with virus protections are affected.

So, to recap.

  1. Anti-virus programs aren’t perfect. Not even close to being perfect. Especially when stupid people are using the computer.

  2. Reduces, not prevents. Again, stupid people = viruses.

  3. It’s a good rule. You are an idiot. Please shut up now.

Actually, that was a bit harsh. I take back the last two sentences. Sorry.

Could the virus risk be somewhat lessened by using a amil proggie like MUTT or PINE, rather than one of the heavy graphics jobs?

What do you mean? Less than a hundred-thousand dollars could be anything between $99,999.99 and $0.01. :smiley:

Maybe, but why should they have to go through all that? Just don’t use the e-mail. The internet access is supposed to be used for online research in most cases, anyway, not random browsing. If you want to use your e-mail, go to an internet cafe and pay for it.

Yes, Lib, but you were going to buy it until you became suspicious because it was less than $100,000. That leads me to believe that you were willing to spend at least $100,000 on a car.

Adopt me, please, I need the allowance. As an added bonus, I’ll do any coercing you may need done.

Now, Kal. If I adopted you, the first thing I would teach you as my child is the Noncoercion Principle. :wink:

The policy could just reflect very limited resources. We’re fortunate enough to have quite a few public internet stations in my library but we still had to designate one as an “E-mail express” machine. The research stations are booked by the hour but the e-mail computer for only 15 minutes.

The problem wasn’t so much e-mail itself as how many people were tying up machines for a whole hour on it. Demand exceeded supply. After some near-fights on the public floor for computer time–high demand is an understatement–we finally had to channel the e-mail traffic aside. Our reasoning was that reserach is more central to our core mission.

Just a thought.


Never mess with Lib. You never know what sort of giant sentient squids or light house-shaped stuff he’s got in that cadillac trunk of his;)

And what if I don’t wanna learn it, huh? You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my real dad!

I don’t suppose it has even occured to you that a public library might only be able to stretch its staff so far before they just can’t do any more in the way of computer support, has it?

Yeah, and by not allowing it at all, you reduce it to zero.

And yet life goes on. Interestingly, job searches were performed for years without e-mail. I assume from your petulant attitude that you are too young to remember this antediluvian era, but I assure you, it is possible to find a job without ever once using e-mail. I have (I am grateful to say) not been without gainful employment since I graduated college going on 13 years ago, and I have never once used e-mail in getting any of the jobs I’ve had.

Lib, e-mail me next time you come thru and I will buy you lunch at the Elite. Or wherever you like. :slight_smile: