Jade Empire-How To Unlock Gay Romance?

I’ve played as good. I’ve played as evil. I think I’ve done all the subquests.

I unlocked the lesbian romance with Silk Fox.

I can’t seem to unlock the gay romance with Sky.

I haven’t tried it, but check this character development FAQ posted at GameFAQs - section 6.0 and 6.3 seem to have pertinent romancing info. Make sure also that you’ve rebuffed any women who might be interested in your character.

I’ve no idea what Jade Empire is, but there’s nothing about this sentence I don’t like.

Jade Empire. It’s fun, if a bit short and very Bioware - the weak ethics system and overarching plot will be instantly recognizable if you have ever played KOTOR or KOTOR II. Still it has some of the strengths of Bioware as well, including decent game mechanics. I’d recommend it and have before.

Silk Fox is actually my preferred romantic partner, straight or lesbian. She just has a more interesting character than the other options.

According to Wikipedia, it’s possible for a male player character to romance both Silk Fox and Dawn Star and convince them to try a threesome.

Are there any cheats?

I’ve done every romance option (including the threesome) and the most important thing with Sky is to shut the women down the first chance it comes up. If any straight relationship begins it closes off the gay ones.

Yet another bit of the game I’ll have to try.

O brave new world that has such gamers in it!