Jailed for UFO beliefs

I found this while surfing the web:

“Hundreds of Falun Gong sect continue to be arrested in China. As many as one
hundred million Falun Gong members are believers in the teachings of
self-control and Buddhist enlightenment.”


“The writings of the Falun Gong boldly state Budda was visited by


"The Falun Gong Lecture 8, The Heavenly Circuit states,
“Sakyamuni talked about the theory of three thousand worlds at his level.
Namely, there are also people in this Milky Way like our human race with
flesh bodies. In comparison with those lives on the planets of higher wisdom
in the entire universe, the scientific level of our human race is quite low.
We cannot even reach other dimensions which simultaneously exist in the same
place while flying saucers from other planets can travel directly in other
dimensions. The concept of that time-space has all changed. Thus, to you
that this universe also has its boundary.” "


“The point is that Communist China is afraid of the Falun Gong beliefs.”

Hmmmm…jailed for UFO beliefs eh? Why would the Chinese government be intimidated by these beliefs? Could it be that there is some legitimacy in the beliefs of these people?

Contestant #3

Maybe the Chinese government thinks they’re crackpots and wants to get them off the streets?

If there is room for doubt - doubt!

This idea makes almost as much sense as the AP report stating that they were jailed because they insist on doing slow-motion exercises. Subversive aerobics?

Something tells me I’m being suckered into something here, but … uh … I seriously doubt the Chinese gov’t is worried about anyone’s beliefs in UFOs. I think their concern over Falun Gong is that it’s a mass movement, initiated not by the state but by a charismatic leader, with uncertain political aspirations. Anyway, I’ve never heard FG described in terms of UFO beliefs; isn’t the movement primarily centered around physical/spiritual health and well-being? Maybe we’ve been reading different newspapers.

C#3, this is truly deceptive on your part. ANY large movement in China that preaches allegiance to anything but the State, that preaches any type of liberation, and that involves a great deal of theology, is going to be suppressed by the Chinese government, whether it involves UFOs, Bozo the Clown or pickled herring.

Now wait, pld, now wait, let’s not be rash.

For instance, did you know that over 53% of people in mental institutions in Germany profess belief in UFOs? You think that’s just coincidence?

Furthermore, reliable statistics from NY State indicate that, among tickets given out for people going through stop lights, THE EXACT SAME PERCENTAGE of them believe in UFOs as among the general population. Hah! Coincidence again??

And, just to cap the argument – amongst all the people who supposedly committed “suicide” trying to hitch a ride on that comet (Kahotek? or is he the guy on STAR TREK VOYAGER? … but I digress) – anyway, almost 95% were firm UFO supporters. Conclusive proof that those suicides were staged by the FBI, trying to suppress UFO-believers.

Now, does that prove Con#3’s case, or what?

[[ Warning: sarcastic comment may be found from time to time in these posts, sometimes the result of too manyt dehydrated margaritas ]]

As has already been indicated, Falun Gong is perceived as a thread by the Chinese government because people have been listening to them instead of the government. This includes some Chinese officials! Trying to claim they are being persecuted because of whatever UFO beliefs they might have is ridiculous. But then, considering who started the thread, that is perhaps not terribly surprising.

“It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.”
– William Kingdon Clifford

For your entertainment value, the following item came across on of my on-line news services today

"Answer: Because they hire lawyers
Cigarette Ad Sparks UFO Controversy

A UFO group is threatening to sue RJ Reynolds over one of its tobacco
advertisements that says, “if aliens are smart enough to travel through
space, why do they keep abducting the dumbest people on Earth?” A
self-described “UFO lawyer” in Phoenix claims the ad defames UFO
abduction victims and has threatened to sue RJR. The same UFO group has
sued the state of Arizona and the federal government for failing to
protect them from alien invaders."

Would C#3 be one of the class members here?

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

Sox, it gets better. A lot better. From a press release issued on Sept. 20 by, of all people, a comic book publisher. (I’m sure it’s partially tongue-in-cheek, but one never knows these days.):

STUDIO CITY, Calif.–(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)–Sept. 20, 1999-- Zen Comics Publishing
has named the sitcom “3rd Rock From the Sun” as the television program most offensive to aliens .

As publishers of the “Zen Intergalactic Ninja” comic and the book “Alien Hero” (ISBN
1-892572-00-1), Zen Comics Publishing is a recognized leader in the movement to provide a more balanced view of ETs in the popular culture.

The www.zenintergalacticninja.com Web site has for years included a Petition Against Alien Discrimination that has been signed electronically by thousands of respondents.

Publisher Steve Stern said, “‘3rd Rock From the Sun’ is particularly offensive for its portrayal of aliens as hopelessly gullible, pathetically foolish and terminally moronic beings who are ill-equipped to deal with modern human society.”

The program is about to begin its new season on the NBC television network, and is also running in syndication throughout the country.

While such offenders as the “X-Files” and “Independence Day” engender a paranoiac fear of extraterrestrials as wanton destroyers of mankind, “3rd Rock From the Sun” is equally offensive for its unbalanced view of aliens as buffoons.

“The movies of the 1950s, like ‘I Married a Monster From Outer Space,’ essentially directed our fears of Communism at extraterrestrials,” Stern explained.

“Today, on the cusp of the new Millennium, the spate of anti-alien movies and tv shows is spreading a more insidious form of discrimination, namely against those who are simply different from us. There’s a spillover effect on how we treat other humans, as well.”

No less important is our jaundiced view of actual ETs. When we eventually encounter an alien race – either here on earth, or when we ourselves travel to other planets – the fears and derisiveness encouraged by the mass media will ill-equip us to deal with them in a rational manner.

Zen Comics Publishing urges everyone who believes that extraterrestrial biological entities deserve a fair and balanced portrayal in the media to contact the NBC network and demand that the producers of “3rd Rock From the Sun” take significant remedial action, such as including a positive alien role model in the program, on a regular basis.

Contact: CONTACT: Zen Comics Publishing, Studio City Steve Stern, 818/598-8190

Then the logical thing to do here is for one party or the other to subpoena an alien or aliens as material witnesses. The problem of service of the subpoena is trivial: Simply take all those people who claim to have been repeatedly abducted, deputize them as special deputies for service of the subpoena, and hand them a copy which they are to keep on their person in case of abduction.

Who? Me? Sarcastic? :wink:

This one is waaaaay to easy! I’ll just sit back and let you guys have all the fun this time. Besides, he’s started up the French U.F.O. thread again, and I can’t be everywhere at once.

Mikan wrote:

“Anyway, I’ve never heard FG described in terms of UFO beliefs”

You have now. The Falun Gong Lecture 8 describes their belief in Alien lifeforms. Read and learn my child… Budda was visited by extraterrestrials.

Much of the belief system of the Falun Gong is based upon supernormal and otherworldly powers, cosmic energy, etc. Falun exists in another space, having nothing to do with this world.

Contestant #3

Yeah, and I think I read somewhere on the web that the Dalai Lama is actually from the planet Gnog Nulaf. That’s why the Chinese state got on his case. India only accepted him and his followers because they (Indians) know that the Buddha was visited by extraterrestrials and they thus don’t have any hangups about this kind of thing. It all makes sense to me now!

Hey Mikan,

I invite you to disprove any statments that I have made in this thread. Sarcastic comments reveal your lack of evidence to the contrary.

Contestant #3

He doesn’t have to prove anything.

You’re the one making the assertions.

The burden of proof is on you.

But we never get any. Not a shred.

It’s always: he said she said I read.

Hey Contestant #3,

I think you missed my point. This isn’t about proof and evidence, it’s about a process of reasoning. My supposedly sarcastic comment above was made precisely in line with your own argument (built around unattributed hearsay, aka “the web”), and it makes perfect sense according to the kinds of statements you make above. If you do really want this discussion to be about evidence (rather than merely “statements”), please begin by providing some.

With that said, I’ll do my best to keep an open mind about FG and what you say are its UFO beliefs. It’s not impossible, after all (just look at L. Ron You-Know-Who). But until I see some credible evidence (including, say, some indication of where the Chinese-to-English translation is coming from), please permit me to be a wee bit skeptical.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to my National Enquirer . . .

I’ll come right out and support C#3’s assertion that the Falun Gong group’s beliefs include exactly what he says. I know it for a fact; I’ve been reading about them for about a month. Doesn’t alter the fact that they are being sought out and jailed, and forced to recant and/or take re-indoctrination classes, because they are a dissident, liberationist group. Nothing more, nothing less. The specifics of their beliefs are pretty much irrelevant to the Chinese authorities. Hell, doesn’t anyone remember Tianenmen Square? The Chinese government doesn’t take kindly to people who don’t devote body, mind and soul to the Chinese government.

That’s what I meant by process of reasoning.

Just like Contestant #3!