James Bond First Movie

I just did a quiz where I was asked: “What was James Bond’s first movie?”. My answer was “Dr. No” (1962), to which they marked me incorrect claiming that it was “Casino Royale” which appeared on CBS in 1954.
I was of the opinion that this was a once off TV show (James Bond’s TV debut) not an actual movie.
Also James Bond’s name was “Jimmy Bond”, and get this, he worked for the CIA.
I’m am aware of the 1967 spin off “Casino Royale” (This is not the movie I am questioning
Can anyone help put this issue to rest?

website ]Casino Royale (1954) was done as a live television play, not filmed as a movie. In fact, it was an hour-long episode of the CBS anthology series Climax!, not even a special.

Oops. Here is the correct link for the 1954 TV version of Casino Royale.

Guess it depends on how ya define “movie”.

You’ve got the facts pretty much straight. “Casino Royale” was a movie made for television…or actually, a live television performance of almost feature length that came out a year after the first Bond novel. Dr. No was the first theater movie.

So, just to be safe, I guess you could have said “the first Bond movie to appear in theaters was “Dr. No” in 1967, unless you mean the live television episode of CBS’s Climax! that aired in 1954.”

“Casino Royale” was also a movie released in 1967. It was a spoof. David Niven was James Bond and Woody Allen was Jimmy Bond.

Zoe, see the OP.

There’s another thread on this in the General Questions forum, and a few (mainly irrelevant) comments, focused on the 1967 movie rather than the 1954 TV show.