James Cameron -> Battle Angel Alita

I happened upon this over the weekend, and have to say that–if it really gets made by Cameron, this could be one of the greater events in human history.

Heh. Well, robots, heavy weaponry, and bombastic action sequences with moody lighting play to Cameron’s strengths, so this could be good. On the other hand, if any subtlety or nuances of character are required, maybe not so much.

I take it this is derived from some anime classic or other?

Yeah, it’s really getting made. Cameron’s been kicking it around for years but recently he’s made a lot of movement toward getting it made. It is based on a long time fan favorite manga and anime which has resulted in the anime being out of print due to Cameron obtaining he rights to it.

Yeah…I guess the Terminator wasn’t exactly one of the subtlist characters in film:

“I need your clothes…” - I would like the use of your clothes now

“Get out” - Please exit the vehicle

“Come with me if your want to live” - For your safety, I recommend you accompany me

“Fuck you…asshole” - Please go away

“Trust me” - I am your friend…you may place your trust in me

“I’ll be back” - I am disappointed with the rude manner in which you have responded to my inquiries. I am going to end this conversation for now so that we can both cool off, but when I return, I would like to discuss the matter with you further. I hope once you have had some time to think about it, you will be more receptive to my request…or maybe I’ll just drive a car through the police station and kill everyone…I haven’t decided.

So I take it this means he’s going to keep the Alita name.

Whoa, cool! I really liked that anime, hopefully this movie will happen. Thanks for the heads up.

What’s this shot in 3D business I read at that page? The thing is going to be a 3D movie?

Imagine so, just as that is how it has been sold to Americans previously. (In Japanese the main character was named Galley.)

But just for everyone talking about the anime–nope, this is based on the comic which is far and above the little bit they animated (which was still quite good.) I highly recommend giving it a read; particularly with Dopers.

Yes. The last two movies he’s made (Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep) were shot in 3D HD video and released in IMAX 3D theaters. He’s hooked on 3D and says he “wants 3D to be available in every multiplex” via digital projection.

Recent film industry conferences have featured demonstrations of a digital cinema projector that can show 3D from a single projector, and there are systems that can convert 2D films to 3D, meaning that any film could become 3D. George Lucas talks about converting the Star Wars films to 3D by 2007 (in the same report I’ve linked above).

Wow, I had no idea he was working on it this long! 14 years later, here it finally is.

It was decent. It is set up to be a franchise.

Yeah, I am going to be bummed if it didn’t do well enough to get the sequels made.

Not the biggest Robert Rodriguez fan (though Machete is a hoot), but a lot of people I like, like him. It will be interesting to see how he handles the material.

Be prepared for a bumming.

Rather than resurrect this or the other zombie started years ago, there’s a new thread for discussion of the film.