James Earl Jones Has Pneumonia

At his age, it’s a serious illness.

How ironic that he’s probably breathing much like Darth Vader right now. :smiley:

The Broadway production of “On Golden Pond” is closing because people don’t want to see it without him, and the show can’t survive till August through the lean summer season. :frowning:

I wonder if they’ve called Sidney Poitier’s agent. (Actually, no offense to Leslie Uggams but it’d be a cool way to reunite him with Katharine Houghton and cash in on the “Hepburn” connection- and make the daughter a lesbian while you’re at it to be more topical.)

I can’t believe he’s 74!

I hope he makes a full recovery. He’s one of my all time favorite actors, and one of the two people I’d pay to hear read the phone book. (The other is Alan Rickman).


Oh definitely one of the great voices of our time. (Alan Rickman is pretty good too).
I don’t know if you remember Paul Frees but he had another one of those voices that spoke with “authority”. (Among other things, he was the voice of the talking rings in the “Time Machine” - 1960)

Sorry, folks, for sheer beauty, if not power alone, the late Mark Lenard had the best voice ever to issue from a human being.