James Lileks on Israel & Palestine

We usually read Lileks for a good laff, but this morning he has a “Bleat” on the Mideast I thought the Dopers might like to mull over and debate. Scroll down past the part about rebuilding his new front steps . . .


Not much to comment to, save that his head seems screwed on properly. I hadn’t seen those U.N. funding quotes before, so also informative.

I really like his comment about how people seem to think that disagreeing with someone automatically means that you can’t see their point of view.

That pretty much sums up a lot of feelings I’ve been unable to articulate.

Ah, yes - the “It’s all a big misunderstanding!” theory of geopolitics. One of the most annoying political philosophies to pop up in the 20th century.

I was impressed with the fact that JL sees through the accusations and finger pointing. He is looking at the big picture that others seem to miss, and that is the Palestinians are as much victims of their Arab brothers as they are victims of anybody else.

Why the hell doesn’t “60 Minutes” wise up and put Little Andy Rooney (“The Eyebrow That Walks Like a Man”) out to pasture and hire James Lileks? he’s funny AND incisive.

Lileks is great, such clear thinking and great writing.
The Israel -Palestine situation seems so Orwellian to me. Equating the Israelis to Nazis is such a clear example of double think. It is so ludicrous that no rational person could believe it and yet it seems to be agreed on with unquestioned zeal by so many Palestinians.