James Randi comes out...

…and why didn’t Sylvia Brown or Uri Geller (or any ‘psychic’) say anything over the years?? :confused: :wink:

Wow. Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought there was still that much pressure in mainstream America for a guy like Randi to remain closeted. I’m surprised he didn’t come out much earlier.

Is “gay-dar” a recognized psychic power?

Congratulations to Randi on coming out. I do have to say, I’m shocked it’s taken him this long to have seen Milk.

I thought this had been well known for years? Sorta like Ellen DeGeneris coming out, everyone knew so the big announcement wasn’t really necessary.

Ah, well, no big shocker there.

I had no idea, but I hadn’t really given it any thought. It’s something of a surprise, I guess.

Who would’ve thought Santa was gay? :slight_smile:

I thought there was gonna be a twist to this & he admits to some religious or paranormal beliefs.

I’m surprised, but I usually am. I would have picked him as life-long asexual.

He’s gay — that’s it???

I always assumed he was gay.

I thought it was going to be something cool like he was admitting to being an actual warlock.

I never woulda guessed in a million years.

And now that I know my reaction is… meh.

Can he prove it? Did he win his own prize?

You see?! You see?! Rational skepticism is totally gay!

I always assumed he was gay too, but now that I think of it, I don’t know why.

It totally passed me by, and I’ve seen the guy live. (Disclaimer: str8 dood.)

Yup, my gaydar didn’t ping. Actually, it never does with people I don’t personally meet. Well OK, I might be getting some kind of signal from Richard Simmons, but other than that, I got nothing.

He’s established a new prize. Any guy who can prove the ability to give James Randi supernaturally awesome orgasms gets $10 million.

I was surprised, and I have met him on several occasions, listened to him speak/perform often in person or in recordings. I fail to see the wisdom of his coming out; I think it will just give his critics something else to work on.

That beard covers a lot, it seems.

I think if I were 81 years old and had been in the public eye for nearly forty years, I might be getting a little tired of not being able to publicly acknowledge an essential fact about my life due to worries about how my critics would react. At this point, it probably ain’t about the wisdom.


This really took me by surprise. Everyone else seems to have known all along- I’ve been watching his videos for years and I’ve had no idea. :smack: