James Randi May Need to Start Writing a Check

I think this woman stands a very good chance of winning. I can’t think of any flaws in her design.

Salt Seller–it’s published in McSweeney’s! :smack:

A Humor Magazine.

While, of course, everything posted on the SDMB is dead serious.

It is also old news. (You gotta be quick on the SDMB. :wink: )

Ummmmmm, yeah. I was aware of that.

Didn’t realise it was so old, though. Nuts.

So, I guess she didn’t win? :smiley:

IIRC, I don’t think that anybody can win, even with real miraculous powers.
Isn’t one of his provisions that he (randi) can’t *duplicate * the effect?
given that, I don’t see how anyone could collect the money.


I’m torn between wanting to see James Randi try to control men’s minds with his vagina and wanting to jab my mind’s eye with a red-hot poker.

Absolutely not. The JREF Million Dollar Challenge. The applicant and the Foundation decide together what will constitutes a successful demonstration of that applicant’s purported supernatural effect.

Obviously, the testers will strive to eliminate testing conditions where someone could replicate the applicant’s effect through cheating. But Randi simply being able to replicate the effect under conditions of his own choosing would not disqualify the applicant.

A lot of people seem to think they know the rules of the $1,000,000 Challenge and why it is therefore unwinnable, but much of what’s floating around about the Challenge seems to have been made up out of thin air.

Right. Here’s an example.

The flaw is that her control is wrong. A better control would be to do a test run and then surgically remove her vagina. Assume she is clothed in both instances so that neither group knows whether or not she has a vagina. I’m guessing the data would not change between the control group and the second group, but I have not yet experienced the powers of her magical vagina, so who knows?