James Randi puzzle

Help me out here.
He has a new puzzle every week on his page.
This one is:
Fine three English words that have no rhyme.
All are nouns and adjectives.

“Orange” is, of course, well known. I’ll think about the others…


orange, silver, purple

Dammit. Good reflexes, Doctor.

Thank you from the heart of my bottom…


“That ripe orange sure looks orange” [check]

“That hunk of silver sure looks silver” [check]

“That ??? purple sure looks purple” ???

I fail to see how purple is a noun. Except in the trivial cases that all words can be nouns, i.e. by using it as the subject/object of a sentence. But even in these cases, the meaning of the word is still an adjective right? Unlike orange, which is a fruit, and silver, which is a metal.

Please enlighten me! :slight_smile:

Ancient emperors wore “the purple.” Meaning imperial vestments dyed with the Murex extract.

A simple dictionary lookup s.v. purple, noting the definition preceded by the abbreviation n. (noun) would have told you that.

Use it in a sentence, Jomo. All right:

When we watched I, Claudius, Aunt Sadie Mae remarked, “Gee whillikers, that purple he’s wearing looks red to me! Better adjust the color on the set!”

Actually, the Murex purple was a deep, slightly purplish, red.

Apparently, he was looking for orange, silver, and velvet!

The OP said that Adjectives were OK, so there’s no problem with “purple” anyway.

It’s not a noun or an adjective, but I recall the Ripley’s Believe it or Not folks pointing out years ago that there is no rhyme for “oblige”.



Oh wait, nouns AND adjectives. I get it now.

and by the by…when I was in highchool, my friend signed my yearbook thusly:

Someday when you’re old and purple, you’ll remember the girl who wrote in a circle.

It’s not a perfect rhyme, but it flows nicely.


Nothing rhymes with “April”. At least that’s what the poem says…

I had heard somewhere that there’s no rhyme for the word “oblige.” But then, that’s a voib.