James Taylor and Steve Miller Band

I’m looking for assistance on one James Taylor song and one Steve Miller Band song. Specifically, I am wondering which shows/movies these songs appeared in.

James Taylor: “Your Smiling Face”

I know it was used in the 1978 movie FM and it was parodied in the *South Park *episode “Fat Camp.” (per Wikipedia)

Steve Miller Band: “I Want to Make the World Turn Around”

It was used in the Miami Vice episode “Down for the Count, Part 2”. (per Wikipedia)

Were either of these songs used in any other TV shows or movies?

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IMDb says not.

Yeah, I checked IMDB as well. However, they don’t have soundtracks for all the movies, especially the “lesser-known” ones (like the straight-to-video kind), so I was just checking to see if anyone knew of any movie/TV show appearances that fell through the cracks.

Thanks for the response.