James Webb Space Telescope general discussion thread

The things that the JWST is discovering are just mind-boggling. It was long suspected that the first stars were gigantic and extremely luminous (and also, for that reason, relatively short-lived) and these observations offer tangible albeit indirect insights into the earliest times of creation. This early galaxy is so old, and the early universe so small at the time, that it would be nearly 10 billion years before our sun and planets began to form, and in a sense the space itself that we inhabit did not yet exist.

It’s a mind bending experience to think about how the expansion of the universe means that we are outside of where the light from these stars used to be but now to see that light we have to look further out. (Does what I’ve written even make sense?)

I know that words like “where” make much less sense when it’s space time itself that is expanding.

James Webb Tekescope: “ooo - you stink!”