Jamie Lee Curtis, BACK!, Linda Hamilton, BACK! - Who's next?

Halloween and Terminator are bringing back their baddest, who’s left that could complete the trifecta of awesome? My first thought was Sigourney Weaver, but she never actually left, and she was there for two of the crappiest Alien movies.

I’d watch a Halloween/Terminator crossover. I’m sure it would be terrible, but I’d go watch it.

Adrienne Barbeau!

The all-new Wonder Woman, starring the original Wonder Woman!

:frowning: She was killed for (movie) real in Escape from New York, don’t think they could pull that off.

So? Ian Malcolm was killed, buried, and his grave firebombed in the first Jurassic Park, and that hasn’t stopped them from putting him in every Jurassic movie since.

Aye; she was killed in a lot of her movies (The Fog, EfNY, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, etc.), but Alice Cable wasn’t killed!

Besides, who cares? Adrienne Barbeau totally fucking rocks!

Sigourney, of course.

In fact, Alien 4 left her half-xenomorph, half-human clone alive and well, having adventures alongside android Winona Ryder (Man, that movie was weird)

Jane Badler from V. Michael Myers needs backup.

Carol Kane

And even though An American Werewolf in London doesn’t strictly fit the genre, we need Jenny Agutter. Just because.

Jenny Agutter was in “Logan’s Run”, so she fits the theme.

Jane Fonda as a septuagenarian Barbarella! (What???)

Saw her recently in the Hulu series “Dimension 404” in fine horror-light form. IIRC she even managed to survive the episode, more or less.

I was going to say that I wouldn’t mind seeing Lynda Carter onscreen again (although perhaps not in her old outfit) but apparently she’s had a recurring role in Supergirl which I don’t watch.

And Sigourney Weaver would have to complete the triumvirate of badass women, unless someone wants to give Reba McEntire her own Tremors spinoff. At least she got her Uzi back.

Mathilda as played by Natalie Portman.

I thought Sanaa Lathan was pretty good in that Aliens vs Predator movie.

For a minute there I thought you were talking about the movie Matilda and were going to correct you that Mara Wilson played the title character in that movie.

Then I remembered Portman’s character in *The Professional * was named Mathilda.

Maybe Pam Grier? Or Cynthia Rothrock? Both were badass but neither were famous enough, I think, or have that cult status.

Pam Grier has cult status but cult status isn’t what Linda Hamilton and Jamie Lee Curtis have. Pam Grier also has badass status, tho, so she’d fit in fine on that account. The thing is, her heyday was over with at least half a decade before JLC’s began.

I thought the OP wanted another female 1980s thriller/horror movie star, not just a female thriller/horror movie star. I thought that was the point of the “who’s next?” in the thread title, but maybe I’m wrong.

No, you’re correct. I was trying to think of some other actresses that had not been mentioned, that could invigorate a film genre simply by appearing in a movie.

I do think Jamie Lee Curtis has a cult vibe as regards the Halloween franchise, she’s a star certainly, but some of us always think of that role first.

I saw a commercial for Murphy Brown today. Does she count?

Never watched it myself.

Lindsay Wagner reviving a team of bionic agents?

That’s a great idea! I always liked Heather Langenkamp, from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (though not all of them).