Scary actresses

From the 10/31/02 IMDB poll:

“What attractive, recent actress has also always secretly kind of scared you?”

As I write this the top three are Fairuza Balk, Juliette Lewis, and Angelina Jolie.

Glenn Close. Ever since Fatal Attraction, I can never look at her without shivering.

I dunno,…Mariah Carey in “Glitter” was pretty damn horrific.

Oh, yeah…and Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” :eek:

Not on the list, but -

When Kathleen Byron, playing the psycho nympho nun, emerges after changing into into her civillain clothes in “Black Narcissus,” the look in her eyes is incredibly creepy.

…and yet so…attractive.

Miranda Richardson. She looks like she could kill you with a thought.

There’s something about Nicole Kidman that I find scary. She looks like she has really sharp teeth, or something.

Interesting topic. Here are my votes:

Eliza Dushku (that may be wrong) – you know, Faith from BtVS

Helena Bonham Carter – very scary in Fight Club.

Famke Jannsen – she’s hot (!) but there’s also something kind of eerie about her. There’s also her role as Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye, where she crushed men between her legs!

Sigourney Weaver – tough in all the Alien movies, but downright menacing in Alien: Resurrection.

Angelica Huston – I’ve always found her attractive, but also scary–even before Witches or The Addams Family.

Cher – I don’t know why, but she frightens me.

Watch The Manchurian Candidate and then try to look at Murder, She Wrote the same way.

Lena Olin as an insane Russian hitwoman in Romeo is Bleeding was charmingly creepy.

Sean Young–but not so much for her roles as for her real life antics. She seems like somebody who you shouldn’t turn your back to.

Agree on Juliette Lewis. It will take years for her to stop being typecast as a drug addict/serial killer.

Sigourney Weaver can be scary, in the ‘tough and intimidating’ sense. Even when she’s being gentle and affectionate, you still get the feeling she could snap your neck without changing expressions. I get this feeling about Geena Davis, too, for some reason.

Christina Ricci looks scary, and not in a good way. She looked perfectly natural as Wednesday Addams, and in everything else since then, she’s looked bizarre.

Of course, I’ve never seen anyone who could make people run screaming from a theater like Melanie Griffith, but that’s probably not what you were asking about.

Oh! Oh! I’ve got a great one:

**Linda Fiorentino[/B}

Very intimidating in The Last Seduction.

Meg Foster. It’s those eyes.

You just look at 'em and think “Those can’t be her real eyes, can they? That’s gotta be colored contacts…”

Alice Krige

"Watch The Manchurian Candidate and then try to look at Murder, She Wrote the same way. "

Angela Lansbury was also in the first run of “Sweeney Todd,” so she’s equally capable of cooking you in to a meat pie.

I always thought that Hitchcock’s “icy blond” was equally effective at being menacing. Eva Marie Saint, Tippi Hedron, Grace Kelly, Kim Novack - all beautiful, but I also figured that you couldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them.

When I first looked at the title the first thought that popped into my head was “Shelly Duvall!”

And then I noticed you limited it only to attractive females. My bad.

Not to mention her portrayal of Cruella DeVille …

Jodie Foster in Contact always looked like she was about this close to biting your head off. Take a gander at those tensed jaw muscles. shudder