Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Really no thread yet? Food + TV!

First thoughts

  1. OK for someone concerned about food health, Jamie seems a little bit tubby, especially for someone who calls themselves a naked chef :wink:

  2. He’s surprisingly respectful of the easy villains of the show.

  3. Actually I agree that non processed food tastes better (and is more healthier, although the costliness is up for debate) . It’s just that, by the time I’m hungry, I don’t want to wait for food.

  4. Damn you ABC for interrupting to report just a few minutes early on the Health Reform bill. Irony? In case it caused my tivo to end it before the end…

I was watching the premiere of season 3 of Breaking Bad… missed it. Don’t really care for sanctimony and nutritional pseudoscience with my food shows either.