Jan 6 Hearings Follow-Along & Commentary Thread (Starts Jun 9, 2022)

He was on Tucker Carlson tonight where they both bemoaned the Stalinist Biden government for its jack-booted persecution of this completely innocent patriot.

I was just about to ask: It feels like the committee’s findings are irrefutable. No one in the right wing media is even trying to defend Trump’s actions; all they can do is shout “partisan witch hunt” and “political theater” and then change the subject. Someone should go take one for the team and confirm.

I can only take it in small doses. I came across this channel-surfing news during dinner. But rest assured, as goes Carlson, so goes MAGAts.

Well, I’m surprised that there was no whiff of these videos until yesterday. A lot of people kept their mouths closed. I hope there’s something interesting there.

Hm, “partisan witch hunt” implies/supposes “he did nothing wrong” to me.

CNN showed some clips of the documentary today. Mind, these were from the finished documentary; it was obvious that the clips had gone through post-production, editing, and so on. Anyway, they were quite interesting.

What would be more interesting, I think, would be the raw footage, and what ended up not being included in the finished product. It might not have been interesting enough to be included in the finished documentary, according to the filmmaker, but it could prove to be very interesting to the Committee.

Ron Johnson, who first said that he had no idea about an alternate slate of electors, then blamed it on one of his staff members, then tried to avoid an interview by pretending to take a non-existent phone call, now says that the alternate electors came from Rep. Mike Kelly’s office.

Man all these guys are judo masters at throwing each under the buses. Sensei Don has taught them well.

You live in Pennsylvania, don’t you?

Sounds like someone who is afraid of getting into trouble.

And yes, I too want more of the intra-party finger pointing.

The film maker was interviewed by don lemon tonight. Poor fellow now has a security detail. He went from barely known to needing security in one day.

Crazy times.

On its face, this makes no sense. Unless they took bribes to vote a certain way, it’s not a crime for Congressmen to vote in any way they want. And then it’s the bribe that’s the crime, not the vote. So either they did something else wrong or Mo Brooks has no clue.

The latter pretty much goes without saying, and the former is strongly indicated as well, not particularly for trying to overthrow US democracy but in general terms of being terrible people.

And if the orange shit-stain is indicted, the potential for violence by his acolytes will get dialed up to 11, and he’ll be cheerleading it, just as he did the Jan 6 insurrection. His only morality is the need for adulation and self-preservation.

Why does it have to be “either or”? Clueless and criminal are not mutually exclusive, and in fact quite often co-exist (e.g.- aforementioned orange shit-stain).

Pro Tips:
They, almost, never start on time.
They, almost, never finish on time.
Half-hour breaks, usually, last upward of two hours.

When I would video tape DVR hearings I’d always set the maximum overtime extension my DVR would allow and set up to record the next program too.

These public J6 hearings have done remarkably well at starting right on time, and keeping to schedule. I’ve been watching via PBS, where the commentators have commentated on that several times.

The English construct “either _____ or _____” has a different meaning in formal logic, versus everyday colloquial usage. In colloquial usage, it means “one or the other but not both”. In formal logic, it means “one or the other or both”.

One would think his lawyers would be advising him to keep a low profile for a while and keep his big mouf shut.

How do you pronounce xor?

In natural language, it’s pronounced “or”. Which is what, in natural language, it means. :wink:

The only way it makes sense is if their votes were pledged in advance as part of the larger conspiracy to steal the election (and Mo Brooks knows it).