Jane Campion's "In the Cut". PU! (Spoilers!)

OK, so last night was “rent-some-DVDs-focusing-on-the-seemier-side-of-life” night and I got “Wonderland” with Val Kilmer and “In the Cut” with Meg Ryan. “Wonderland” - which traces the downfall of porn king John Holmes (Kilmer) - was, surprisingly, not as bad as I thought it would be but “In the Cut” was just downright horrible!

So what if Meg is naked a good portion of this film? - she looks terrible with her new trout lips and the whole thing just reeks of a desperate actor cresting 40 and not getting offered very good film roles. And what a waste of Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Terrible writing about unsympathetic characters who engage in behaviour without any exposition to explain their actions. Not one, but TWO McGuffins (one by an uncredited Kevin Bacon) are thrown at you when anyone remotely saavy at unraveling mysteries will correctly guess that Malloy’s partner is the killer as soon as his character is introduced.

What a turd!

My questions:
Did anyone like this enough to figure out what Jane Campion was getting at?
Was the book that bad?