Jane Russell, RIP

I’m rather surprised I didn’t see this posted already. But here it is. Jane Russell has died:

And just for old times sake, here’s Jane starring in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, in what has to be the single gayest moment in classic Hollywood history.

I assume she got buried in her fanciest bra?

That takes me back a ton of years (early 1970’s I believe).

They will be missed.

Lift and separate.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the only movie I’ve seen her in. Reading the obit, I expected to see more film credits-- she was gorgeous and funny, and she could sing. She’s so iconic, it just seems weird that she wasn’t in more movies.

Custom casket?

RIP, Jane.

Jane Russell’s secret code during WWII was 38-24-36

Of course it wasn’t a WELL KEPT secret :smiley:


I’m pretty sure this was the inspiration for “I Can Make You a Man” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I love the pic in the OP’s link, of Russell with the Marilyn Monroe stamp.


The jokes were inevitable – and were part of the marketing. The film she made with Frank Sinatra and Groucho Marx (!!!) was supposed to be titled It’s Only Money (the title of a song Groucho and Frank sing as a duet), but when she came on board they changed it to Double Dynamite.

The ad for The French Line had the tagline J.R. in 3D. Need we say more?
And supposedly Howard Hughes advertised for The Outlaw by having a skywriting plane make two circles with dots in the centers.

Not surprising that she ended up a spokeswoman for Playtex. It is a bit surprising, as stated above, that she didn’t make more films. She blamed it on Hollywood’s unwillingness to employ actresses over 30.

Aside from GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, my other fav of hers is SON OF PALEFACE, with Bob Hope and Roy Rogers. Sigh. Another legend, gone.

AKA A Sale of Two Titties.


Groucho Marx’s quip. Which I think might have been about Double Dynamite, the film he was in with her.

The Outlaw was such an odd film. It had what has to be the most inappropriate musical score of any dramatic movie. I don’t think Hughes could decide whether he wanted to make a comedy or a drama, and it shows throughout (despite the implied rape scene). But the promo photos of Jane lolling about in the hay are still very sexy. RIP, bombshell.

I’ve seen The Outlaw twice and remember it as dreadful. Jane’s screen time is too short and all the acting is terrible.

Jane’s good stuff was with Victor Mature and Robert Mitchum. Underwater exploited her figure better than The Outlaw and was a much better movie (for the day.)

One thing about it: until Raquel came along, Jane was IT!

Age was unkind to her face, though. Nevertheless, I was shocked to see that she has gone. A classic.

RIP. She was very talented especially at comedy, pity that she had so few good movies.

At moments like these, I really miss a former poster, Eve.

She loved making movies but hated the movies she ended up making. And becoming an early version of a born-again christian didn’t help.

Aww. Loved her, loved her movies just to goggle at the Technicolor, and the costume design. I recall seeing her on Larry King years ago and he asked about the famous bra Howard Hughes had supposedly invented and insisted she wear in a movie. She said she took it, but when the time came, she didn’t wear that thing, she wore her very own everyday bra and no one noticed. And she told her bust size, which was NOT particularly large.

Supposedly, Howard Hughes designed her cantilevered bra for this movie. Gotta hand it to him, despite his quirks, the man was a genius.

There’s a quip in “Son of Groucho” that calling the film “Double Dynamite” was Hughes’s idea. It had nothing to do with the film but a way to capitalize of Russell’s bosom. Groucho said with thinking like that, you can understand why Hughes was a millionaire, because if he wasn’t he’d starve to death.