Janet Reno's (alleged) Resignation

Recently, a Republican friend of mine told me that Janet Reno had resigned 2 days before the end of the Clinton Administration (January 18, 2001?). He postulated that it may have been because she couldn’t countenance the pardons the President was proposing. I have been unable to find anything online to either confirm or deny this rumor.

Any suggestions?

Sounds to me like one of those ridiculous stories made up to make a politician look bad (like Clinton needs any help right now). Janet Reno was Attorney General up until noon on January 20, when Eric Holder took over as acting Attorney General.

I don’t know for sure the procedure for transition from one administration to another, but it may involve formal resignations by all political appointees. If this is the case, Janet Reno would have resigned along with everyone else, and she may have handed in an official resignation on January 18, but it was not effective until the 20th.