January 1981 Lake Tahoe Kool-Aid/Cyanide poisoning: Any resolution?

In January 1981, two women, Helga Franks and Anna Russell, were having dinner with their three children, ages 1½ to four years old, during which the three children became seriously ill. An investigation determined that the Kool-Aid the children had been drinking had been laced with cyanide. The adults did not partake in the Kool-Aid, so were not affected. The children made a complete recovery.

Subsequent investigations seemed to focus on a chap named Harry Leland Leach, who was thought to have been the tamperer.

Was Leach ever brought to trial, and if so, what were the results?

Arrested, and eventually found not guilty..

Thanks. The full article is behind a pay wall, so it’s not clear from the preview whether he–or anybody else–was ever a suspect in the Kool-Aid tampering.

Actually, that story was about Leach’s attempted extortion of a casino in Tahoe. From an Associated Press article date 1/7/1981:

I couldn’t find any news articles indicating any further developments.