January 2014, Botticelli

Your letter is J

IQ1: Were you an early science-fiction author?
IQ2: Were you a character in a Warren Beatty film about football and the afterlife?
IQ3: Were you the actor who played that character?

Spoons-3 DQs because I’ve never seen “Heaven ca Wait”.

IQ1: Were you killed by a man with a book?
IQ2: Are you the author of this book?
IQ3: Are you an important icon of Catalan culture?

I’ll assume you made a typo and meant DQs.

In order, I was looking for Jules Verne, the character Mr. Jordan, and the actor James Mason.



Guy-3 DQs

Not living

John Lennon, J. D. Salinger and Joan Miro respectively


From a novel?
Did he die of natural causes?

IQ1: Do you voice Rabbi Krustofsky on “The Simpsons”?
IQ2: Did you, and a member of the Rat Pack, form a comedy team?
IQ3: Are you the author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking?

DQ answers. Shoulda got Lennon and Chapman!


Not Al Jean
Not Jerry Lewis
Not Jacques Pepin

IQ1: Did you conclude that all planets move in ellipse around the Sun?
IQ2: Did you assassinate someone in a certain theatre?
IQ3: Are you the assassin of the assassin?

Correct on Jerry Lewis, but incorrect on the others. Rabbi Krustofsky is voiced by comedian Jackie Mason, and the cookbook author is Julia Child.


Is your character known for achievements in the political/military sphere?
Is the author of the novel American?

Spoons, I had Julia originally!

Johannes Kepler
John Wilkes Booth
Jack Ruby

IQ1: Did you purchase Louisiana?
IQ2: Did you claim what is now Canada for France?
IQ3: Are you On the Road?

3.Not living
4.From what is now US
5.From a novel
6.Living at end of novel
7.Does participate in political/military activities
8.Created by American author

Guy- Not Jefferson
not Cartier
Not Kerouac

It was a tossup between asking about her cookbook or her TV show. I’m sure now that I made the right choice–if I had asked about her TV show, you probably would have got it immediately!

More IQs:

IQ1: Did your character have a squeaking role in The Green Mile?
IQ2: Do your friends include Race Bannon and Hadji?
IQ3: Are you the Argentine author of “The Garden of Forking Paths”?

IQ1: Are you a poor North Dakotan seeking to join the upper class?
IQ2: Are you the ex-president of the IOC?
IQ3: Were you Secretary-General of the UN?

Spoons-3 DQs

Guy-not Rogge or Decuellar, DQ

The Green Mile character was the mouse, Mr. Jingles. (I thought “squeaking role” might have given it away.) Jonny Quest is the friend of Race Bannon and Hadji, and Jorge Luis Borges is the author.


Is the novel set in the United States as we know it today?
Is the novel set in the 20th century?

One DQ reserved for now.