Japan Authorities Hostile to Vagina Kayak

Yep, it’s the same old story.


Actually, no. It’s a story that, in my view, should count as at least a little bit new:

Vagina-based kayak designs are, so far as I am aware, a new thing, notwithstanding a certain pre-existing and coincidental similarity of general shape.

Putting aside the observation that the man in the boat is a woman, I have to say that to my mind, the Japanese authorities are overreacting.


they will allow the kayak if it’s pixelated.

So who’s afraid of Vagina Kayak? The government, evidently.

From the same country that has an annual Penis Festival.

Heh. Whatever floats your boat.

(actually, the hydrodynamics of modern kayaks is such cool science, I can’t see the point)

When I was scanning through the New Posts for a moment I thought this thread was “Japan Authorities Hostile to Salma Hayek”.


That is a fun, funny way to be provocative and make her point.

Reminds me of a story I heard about the beginnings of Nike:

When Phil Knight was working with the U of Oregon track team to try out some designs for Nike’s original running shoes, the students nicknamed his prototype The Vagina: not much to look at, but feel soooo good when you slip inside them. :wink:

No clue if that is true or apocryphal, but it is worth a smirk.

Or you were being swooshed.

Well, when one goes up against a cultural taboo, there is often a prickly response. Not that the effort isn’t worthwhile at times.

Did anyone notice the byline on the WaPo article linked in the OP? :wink:

As I understand it, the joke usually involves a canoe instead of a kayak but it still works.

Brings new meaning to the phrase “little man in the boat.”

It has to be a surreal experience to sit in your own genetalia.

I wonder how they decided how big to make the hole for her to sit in.

I hear it’s best to exit the craft head first. Any other orientation may require outside assistance. Of course, if an adult male gets in he won’t ever want to leave.

That’s a big vagina.

That has to be the most visually arresting headline I’ve read of late. Good job!

Dude, you passed up a perfectly good pun. You could’ve gone with prick-ly. :smiley: For me, I think the photo would’ve been better if she’d have been amongst pussywillows.

Oh, bravo, sir!

Something, something douche-canoe!

Kind of like a marine camel toe.