Japan Looks at Spending $57 Billion on Space

To send men to the Moon.

“There is intelligent life in Tokyo.” Robert A. Heinlein.

Good for them! Maybe having the Japanese showing us up will get our own space program out of mothballs.

How can we?

With “Globalization” of our economy (read “Povertization-For-Non-Corporations”), & Suppy-Side economics, the US will not have the dough to explore space in a few years. :mad:

Cool. When their space ship launches, I imagine “Gamera” music will be playing in the background.

Sounds about as ambitious, and likely, as all of the similar US Gov/NASA plans & announcements over the years.

Still, it would be pretty cool if they actually went ahead and did it!

Hums the Star Blazers theme song

It’s just a “vision” - wishful thinking on the part of JAXA. There’s no indication that the government is willing to fund this program.