Japanese anime

Why do japanese anime’s look the way they do?
you know what I’m talking about!

you talking about the Pokemon movie?

I am talking about it and every other japanese cartoon out there. The strait lines and the spicky hair.

Cory: Maybe you can answer me this: Why do western cartoons look the way they do?

Spicky hair?

Why do ten year olds that can’t spell ask such stupid questions sometimes?

“Why are elephants?”

“Is that yours?”

“Whatcha doin’, mister?”

“Who farted?”

“If a train leaves Chicago travelling south at 150mph…”

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Anime (animated cartoons/Japan) & manga(comic books/Japan) look the way they do , because Japan had a cultural tradition of cartooning that dated back before the USA forcibly opened Japan’s closed society at the end of the Shogunate era. See the book " Manga, Manga!" for details.


Or the book “Samurai from Outer Space: Understanding Anime”.

I used to date a girl who was really into anime, and wanting to know what the fuss was about I decided to check it out.

I rented a tape from my local video outlet entitled “La Blue Girl.” I’ll confess that I chose that one because it had an “adult content” warning on it and the adolescent in me was interested to see just how much nudity they were willing to present. HOO BOY!! Forget nudity; this one depicted full on porno-style sex scenes, penetration shots and all. Very, very creepy. I am told that a lot of anime is like this. Needless to say my anime adventures ended there for fear that I’d never be able to watch Droopy Dog in the same light again.

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Yeah what you had there, Torgo, was Hantai… harde core anime… La Blue Girl, Uritsukodoji and others are like that, some are just storng R’s like Wicked City and Ninja Scroll. Overall I like Anime, not all of it looks like the simple cartoons (like speed racer or Pokemon) check out Record of Lodoss War.

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Well, Anime is a type of drawing style where you use simple triangles/circles/squares rather than trying to get realism. It is more for speed and ease of reproduction rather than for accuracy of looking like the object, such as a face. So they draw the simplest shape that will still be interpreted easily as a face/person/object. Hey, being in Art for 8 years actually came in handy for once… hope this helped.

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Huh, I watch anime all the. I never knew that thank you.

The eyes, at least, are influenced by old Disney movies. Interestingly enough, Disney’s recent movie Tarzan had characters that were clearly influenced by the anime style, so we’ve sort of come full circle.

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A good anime feature for beginners is Robotech. It’s occasionally shown on Cartoon Network & is cool.

Starblazers is another good choice.

For humor-anime , try Lum/ Urusei Yatsura; which traslates loosely as “Those Obnoxious Aliens”.

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If anyone wants to see a good example of anime, go see “Princess Mononoke” currently playing in theatres. An excellent story and (for once) a good english translation.

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<font face=“ocra extended” font size=5> By the way; what other kind of Anime is there besides Japanese? Just asking…</font>

Is an appreciation of beauty a function of the human soul?

Why do American superhero comics look the way they do?

Why do Belgian comics look the way they do?

Why does Art Nouveau look the way it does?

Because artists are influenced by their peers. Successful artists spawn imitators. Editors search for artists whose style resembles the current hot properties. Artists copy techniques that they think look cool. Those who forge off in a completely different direction are rare.

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Who was the first Japanese anime artist? My favorite is Akira Toryama, the creator of DragonBall.

Cory, Osamu Tezuka was the creator of the first anime, which was called Astro Boy in the US (Tetsuwon Atom was its original name.) Tezuka, BTW, is revered almost as a god in Japan, sort of like Cecil is on this board. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, he passed away some time ago, but one of his works is currently being released on video. It’s called Black Jack, and I highly recommend it.

Oh, and since Daniel said something about Robotech, I should probably mention that the original Japanese series, Macross (which was the first season of Robotech in the US) will be released on video soon. Since the TV translation was pretty badly done, I can’t wait to see it.

YAAAAAAYYYY your talking about Anime!!! I’ve spent half my life watching anime! (ok about eight years, but come on being Otaku at eleven is pretty damned impressive if you ask me.) Your all so knowing of it too, that makes me happy. However, the absolute first Anime was not Tetsuwan Atom, it was the first imported to America though. The problem is that english books are very unclear about which was the actual first. I had a Japanese friend in high school who aleviated this for me. Also, the more simplistic form of animation was widely re-adopted after the success of Yurusai Yatsura, if you look at Starblazers, and 999, along with some others from the seventies and early eighties you’ll see this trend. Not all are like this though, just T.V. shows mostly, because they have a low budget. Some are able to circumvent this like Evangelion did. The Gendou hands thing was to save money, along with the production sketches in the end. Here are some terms to stay away from–
Japanese anime
Porn Cartoons
If you say these aloud at conventions, you’ll probably be mobbed by greased up fan boys.
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That’s just a few! Anime rules, I hope it stays around forever. It’s enough to make me forget about Pearl Harbor, that and the fact that we blew the shit out of them!


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