Japanese Biker Fails to Notice Missing Leg

I like how he didn’t notice until he’d ridden more than 2 kilometers. I think I’d have noticed something like that. This guy is evidently the very definition of focused.

My initial thought was that I’d notice it on the next stroke, but that only shows I’m a bicyclist, not a motorcyclist.

Dad being a biker my thoughts were “noticed at the next gear change perhaps?” But then IIRC Japanese bikes sometimes have a different layout to Dad’s old 60s British bikes.

I’m going to make a guess that he had been drinking a bit…

obligatory “flesh wound” joke

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.

Surely no more than two times.

His right leg was missing. That would only be used for the rear brake on most bikes. Makes sense he noticed it was missing when he went to stop - that is if it makes sense that he didn’t notice that his leg was off.

Hmm…the article seems to be missing the part about the “enough PCP to knock out the Bronx Zoo.”

I still call BS on this one - wouldn’t he have bled out pretty quickly?

Tis but a scratch.

Now, now, don’t be so high-and-mighty hard on the guy. I bet not a single one of you noticed it was missing, either.

One of my coworkers is a motorcycle rider. He came in yesterday and seemed to be a little tired and out of it. Turned out he’d come off his bike at 100mph at a race track. Luckily he had helmet and full protective gear on (all of which is now scrap, having served its purpose). His HMO told him it would be several days before he could see a doctor.

We all made a lot of noise about this and our manager gave him a direct order to get his ass to the ER asap. He’s OK, banged up but nothing serious. I assume he had at least some minor head thumping which accounted for the “dazed and confused” appearance.

Something’s not right there. HMO’s don’t tell people they can’t go to the emergency room after a 100 mph accident. In fact, there is no reason to talk to the HMO at all. You just go to the emergency room, they treat you as needed and then the HMO pays the bill. There are some things wrong with our medical system but that is one of them. The story doesn’t make any sense.

If it’s any consolation to him, now he can continue to cut that corner close without anything to worry about.

So do you think his friend pulled up next to him at the light and said, “Here man, you dropped this.”?

This one time, at summer camp (heh), I was in an accident once which opened a laceration on the back of my calf that required two layers of stitching. The ER doc said it looked like it had been laid open by a broadsword. I swear I didn’t feel a thing and got up and was walking around and didn’t even notice it until someone screamed, “LOOK AT HER LEG!!!” It still didn’t feel a thing until they stuck a gigantic needle full of novacaine or whatever in there to numb it up for the stitching. That was when I began screaming.

I’m thinking… shock?

I can kinda understand the excruciating pain and adrenalin from an accident masking that part of a limb is missing. But don’t you need both feet on the bike for balance? I know you could ride a bike with a missing limb by making some adjustments, but in this case I would vote for out of his mind intoxicated.

I saw the thread title and figured it had to be an artificial limb that fell off.

Nope. Damn.

Adding insult to injury, do you suppose he put his right foot out to lean on when he came to the stop?

It’s never a good sign when they mention a person and a part of his body.

I jsut hope they both went to the same one!

Well keep in mind it was coming from a guy who took a tumble at high speed. As near as I can tell, he tried to make an appointment to see a doctor and was told the next available time was a few days later. This implies that he didn’t use words like “I crashed at 100mph” at any point in that conversation.

My reaction upon hearing this was the same as yours - you don’t call for an appointment, you don’t ask permission, you get your butt driven down to the ER immediately.