Japanese Curry

Anybody else here who’s had it? Who loves it?

It’s huge in Japan, but unlike sushi or ramen hasn’t really caught on in the United States. There are a couple of Japanese curry restaurants near my house, but I don’t think there are many (or any) outside of California.

Sometimes I make it at home. Menchi katsu with medium-spicy House curry over sticky rice. Mmmmmmm … .

Tonkatsu curry. Mmm.

I’m on the West Side and have 4 places I go to, two up Sawtelle, one on Centinela, and on in Torrance.

They have some in Hawaii, but I haven’t seen anything elsewhere.

During my brief stay in Japan, I used curry as my cheap and tasty default menu selection. I don’t think it made inroads in the US given the prevalence of Thai and Indian curry. It’s a shame because Japanese curry has a distinctive taste even if it is kind of basic.

Not too long ago, I had a batch of leftover japanese curry, and a batch of leftover colcannon.

The two combined was amazing.

Is the one on Centicela in Mitsuwa market? I haven’t been there in a while, but that’s a reason to go back. Plus, my favorite manga/anime shop, Power Anime, is relocating to Mitsuwa … .

Usually we go to Curry House on Sawtelle. Hurry Curry has been iffy at times.

I’m putting that on the menu for next week! Let’s see if my family goes for it.

Come to Oakland county, MI. Lots of Japanese companies in the area, and noodle/curry places aren’t hard to find.

I know nothing of Japanese curry. How similar is it to Indian curries?

Similar spices but very different consistency. It’s like creamy, spicy curry-flavored gravy. It’s a Japanese take on English curries, which are themselves takes on authentic Indian curries, so it’s like a copy of a copy.

Do they make it with 3D printers?


ETA: what types of dishes does one typically find with Japanese curries? Noodles? Anything else?

My brother married a Japanese girl, who introduced our whole family to Japanese curries. We are in a tiny bible belt town and it is virtually unavailable here, with the exception of the packaged S&B brand, Golden Curry. Which is totally delicious. You could boil bike tires and put that stuff on there and it would be edible.

It’s typically a bed of rice with a breaded chicken or beef cutlet on top, covered with curry gravy. It can also involve wieners, or fried shrimp, or grilled eel, or a friend egg or omelet. It’s a bit like a curry-flavored loco moco if you’ve ever had that.

Places where I’ve had Japanese curry also seem to serve Japanese spaghetti, but the curry isn’t put on the spaghetti. Curry sauce is a topping for rice, not noodles.

Whenever my Mom used to make curry at home, it was typically curried chicken over rice. She then would go through the trouble of putting out little bowls of condiments…chopped nuts, raisins, scallions, dice hard cooked eggs, chutney, etc. Is there any replication of that in Japanese curry? Heck, what Mom used to do reminds me more of Korean cuisine than anything else. Does a typical Indian curry meal include such condiments?

My wife grew up in Japan (and Australia). Japanese curry is a regular staple in house. The real Japanese restaurants (serving other than sushi) in Houston are too expensive to eat at regularly, so we almost always make it at home.

Yes, S&B brand Golden Curry is a good, readily available mix. There are other mixes easily ordered online. We serve it over rice with some form of meat, always onion, and sometimes whatever other veggies we have in the house.

We have done the whole bowls full of additional condiments thing for company. IDK if it is done that way in Japan, but that’s how my wife’s family has always done it. We usually don’t bother if it is just us.

Yup, Misasa.

While you’re there, go to the grocery section of Mitsuwa and pick up some S&B hayashi stew mix. That’s some deep, rich, beefy goodness. I usually slice up some tri tip and dice potatoes and serve it on rice.

I have bad memories of Japanese curry. When I was little my mom would sometimes make it for dinner and I HATED the huge chunks of carrot that were inevitably floating around in there. I had to sit at the table for an extra hour while trying to choke them down. :frowning:

Oh yes. I keep a box of Golden Curry in the larder at all times. Mmmm. Maybe I need to go buy some meat chunks tomorrow.

Vermont House curry with apples and honey. Why it is called “Vermont” I have no fricken idea unless Vermont is an unknown haven for curry with apples and honey.

It’s NOT curry. Not really anyway. But it is delicious. If you don’t expect to be getting the Vindaloo special, you’ll probably like it.

My wife is Japanese so we eat it a good bit. Everyone LOVES it, even my Mother and Father who think bratwurst is exotic.

Yep. I enjoy it, and, in fact, have some Java curry cubes sitting in my cupboard. Made it last about two or three weeks ago. Easy to do, delicious. To those asking, it reminds me a little bit of the curry you might get at a Chinese take-out. Basically, a thickened stock-type of sauce with curry spices mixed in. Basically, you take a roux, add a bunch of curry powder, stock, and whatever the hell else you want in it. (Often apples, carrots, onions, etc.) But it basically boils down to being a basic gravy flavored with curry powder.