Japanese Fart Scrolls

It’s the very last one. Look at what’s being blown through the air by the fart.

HAH! Clearly, Terrance and Philip have Japanese ancestry!

The last one features a helpless little feline waving a paw in a futile gesture against the potent blast (or maybe he’s being swept away by the gust).

Well blow me down. Thanks. It was not showing up on the zoom-in picture viewer, so I gas I just missed it.

I had occasion to reread this thread awhile ago and then today found myself composing a new chorus in the shower.

The Japanese Fart Scrolls
(Sing along to Freddie Rich & Orchestra’s swingy 1932 rendition of The Japanese Sandman)

*It’s the Japanese fart scrolls
Sneaking out with the poo
Just some lovely old art scrolls
And social comment’ry, too

They depict men in battle
With the blasts from their butts
They can knock over cattle
Cats and rice paper huts

And the wind that they’re passin’
With precision and flair
Makes you ask, “Was He-Gassen
Or just blowin’ hot air?”

They’re the Japanese fart scrolls
A political pun
Just some lovely old art scrolls
A tsunami of fun*

And it’s time for Tellence and Phirrip.

I do feel bad saying that btw.

This thread stinks.

Well, I’ll definitely buy tickets to see Divine Wind: The Exhibit when it passes through town.