Japanese Fart Scrolls


If those pictures are NSFW, your boss must be really uptight!

How do you say “I fart in your general direction!” in Japanese?

Nothing to do with my boss or my work. Others may have uptight employers, so I wanted to give due warning.

I can see more than a few nutsacks in those images, so the caution is appropriate.

He-Gassen, She-Gassen, We-All-Gassen.

Clealy the inspiration for the somewhat famous Chinese bull-fart sculpture.

Dammit, now I can’t stop singing,

“It’s the Japanese fart scrolls,
Sneaking out with the poo . . . .”


I love the one where the dude built a fart shield, but still got hit.

I like the one where they’re using fans to successfully defend themselves.

I’ve seen reproductions of other Japanese scrolls depicting farting, but i don’t recal where or when. Suffice it to say that this is not a unique scroll.

And then there’s the scroll depicting a sumo match between a personified penis and a personified vagina. Japanese art has always had engagingly weird examples.

That poor cat.

Why are only some of them naked?

You’d have to ask the original cartoonist, who I’m relatively certain is long dead.

Farting. It’s so easy even a kappa can do it!

I’m coming up at a loss for a truly natural translation, but I think the following would get the point across: ‘Kimi no hou ni onara suru!’

Gah. Y’all owe me a new netbook…I just spewed coffee on this one trying not to laugh. XD

Oh, they give as good as they get.

The cat! :smiley:

Haha! Le Petomaine wouldda blow them all away with his mighty wind. And your giant turtle Gamera. Haha!

Weird Mamma-jammas, that’s for sure.

Wait, I’m confused. I don’t see a cat in any of those scrolls.

Well, that is the second strangest thing I’ve seen come out of Japan.