Farts and fetishes…

Since the Zette inspired thread dealing with penises and boobies has proved popular, I thought I’d introduce a thread dealing with the second most popular thread topics around here – farting and fetishes. Amazingly enough, I’m able to once again, put the two topics together. And, once again, there is a real question behind the topic.

Just the other day I ran across an odd little item in my local weekly newspaper. What I ran across was a question asked to Dan Savage who writes the “Savage Love” column for a variety of weeklies. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Dan, or read any of his articles, he basically runs a disturbed version of a Dear Abby. He answers any number of oddball topics ranging from the strange and quirky, to the truly pathological. Some of his topics are really out there, but this one, in particular, struck me as incredibly funny.

Here it is, question only, to avoid possible copyright laws-

Dan Savage basically tells this guys that’s he’s sick and needs to lay off his wife. An appropriate answer, in my book.

But my question, or thought, is this- I never in a million years would have thought that a fetish that involves farting in someone else’s face would actually have a legitimate name given to it- Eproctophilia, but it does.

This obviously got me wondering- what other oddball fetishes out there actually have a name associated with them? And not the real sicko ones, but the funny ones, like farting in your partners face?

Are there others? What are they? Anyone you know ever ask you to perform something like oddball like that?

If you’re wondering about me, the closest thing I can come up with is the time a woman whom I met at a bar brought me back to her place and basically assaulted me in her bed. She roughed me up a bit and then wanted me to do the same to her, but only more so. I tried, in a very drunken state, to dominate her but don’t think my efforts were what she was after. For example, the one thing I do recall saying to her was something along the lines of, “Alright you Fcking Btch, bend over and show me how your daddy likes it!” Offensive as hell, I know, but she loved it. In fact, she wanted me to get even worse than that! Considering that’s not only not my nature to say things like that, was incredibly drunk, and not to mention pre-occupied with other things at hand, I was left stammering for offensive things to say to her to turn her on. I kinda got blanked on everything and resorted to mumbling stuff really loud as an alternative. It was a classic night, but for all the wrong reasons.

That’s the best I can come up with, fetish wise. If there’s a clinical name given to that behavior, I certainly don’t know it, but I know what it means to be in the midst of it.

So, what other weirdo fetishes out there have names? What are they? Any other personal stories associated with them?

I can see that garden variety kink isn’t going to cut it here. When I was a teenager I liked braces but I don’t think that’s unusual. I was seeing someone about five years ago and noticed something unusual, we both wore our glasses and wristwatches at all times… except for the shower and when she was blindfolded. Tough to top a fart fetish though. Hmm. There was a woman I met in the Phillippines when I was in the navy. Cute, kinda plump, about 30 then. I was not expecting her to put a set of dentures on the night stand but… <wistful sigh>

[SILLY ASSED GRIN]You do the math

EVERYTHING has a name, pal.

Taphephilia- Arousal from being buried alive.
Taphophilia- Love of funerals.
Pantophilia- Arousal from just about everything imaginable.
Dendrophilia- Attraction to trees.


Hitler was a psycho (but you already knew that) with everything, including his fetishes! On the History Channel the other night there was a show that combined two already popular concepts (kind of like this thread did) the Nazis, and SEX! It was called “Sex and the Swastika” it said that Hitler would lie down and have his cousin (whom he apparently had a thing for/with) squat over his face and he would “inspect” her until he became “excited” and then he’d have her piss on him. Pretty nasty if you ask me, I suppose it’s all relative on what gets someone going, but I still think it’s way fucked up. Not only did he want to get pissed on, it was his cousin.

I have an interest in human fetishes.

Not a perverse one, but a genuine one. I like to study and understand them. Before any of ya ask–I’m not divulging any of my own disturbing kinks. :wink:

Being pissed on? Tame.

Being farted on? It’s already been studied.

One rarer thing I’ve come across before is Voraphilia–the act of eating–or being eaten by–a lover. Obviously this is more of a role-play act than a true act of cannibalism.

I also once discovered Purgophilia–arousal by vomit. Disgusting stuff, in my opinion…but I’m not very judgmental.

Believe it or not–I know that there is a small select population out there who are aroused by STDs. I wish I could recall the name for it right off-hand–but essentially, it’s a kink for people who have visually obvious diseases on their genitals. I have yet to figure that one out.


There are two fetishes relatively popular fetishes (I say “relatively popular” because I’m sure there’s a fetish for people who like to rape trout or allow acid to dissolve their genitals) which I will not ever be able to understand. They are:

  1. Scat-eating: While I’m sure it has something to do with “arousal by stuff that comes out of someone”, it just paints a big ol’ question mark above my head.

  2. Preggers: I have no doubt that it’d be fun to get pussy and head at the same time, but jeez, starting the kids off a little young, aren’tcha?

Ashtar, I, too, take a near-scientific interest in the bizarrities of humanity. Perhaps, someday, we should exchange notes (have you found, as I have, that some of the more bizarre fetishes seem to be popularized in Japan?).


I can go one further with the false teeth thing. I not only had a late twenty-something-or-other in the sack that had a false upper, but she lost her teeth in my bed. We woke up the next day and she couldn’t find them anywhere.

It was real bad. She looked like she was about ninety as she was stumbling around my room gumming the words, “I thutta a puttem odder dere”.

I hustled her out the door as fast as I could. About a year later when my roommate and I were moving, they turned up in the corner of the room under my bed. It brought back some odd memories.

Still, as interesting as that experience was, I don’t go for women with false teeth as a rule. It was just one of those things.

Which leads me back to odd fetishes- Is there a fetish that people have for people with dentures?

And come on, there has to be someone out there that’s had the kind of request asked of them like the one the guy above asked of his wife.

If I had one, I’d include it.

There sure is. They even made a movie about it a few years ago, it was a huge success. It was called, “Ace Dentura, Tooth Detective”. :smiley:


I’d love to compare notes. :slight_smile: And yer right about the Japanese thing–it’s wicked! I think the age of consent in Japan is somewhere around the 3rd cell division if I’m not mistaken…

(Okay–that was a cheap shot. :wink: )


The Japanese are an extremly perverted people. I don’t hold that against them but I just haven’t found the appeal of tentacle porn and I like my cheerleaders to be at least college age.

I almost forgot, reading glass. Oooh mama! Not bifocals, but half lens reading glasses fabulous 'toon babe (Not Jessica Rabbit)


The fart fetish seems to be pretty popular in Brazil.
YouTube has everything…

Wow. Some forty years after the fact I find myself here thinking back to first grade. There was a kid who would ask us to fart for him. He wanted the farter to pound a fist on the butt two times and then let go. He would stick his face in and sniff like his life depended on it. :eek:

Of coarse we all did. :smiley:

Why did we do it? :confused:

The thread title would make a great title for an A&E ‘reality’ program.

**Abasiophilia; the attraction to disability. I’ve actually had a weird, freaky experience with this first hand. I met a girl online a few years ago through facebook, I had received a friend request. Now she was a pretty hot girl and I noticed we had a couple mutual friends (I didn’t pay enough attention at the time to realize that both of the mutual facebook friends were also wheelchair users), so I accepted her request.

We got to chatting after not too long and we ended up chatting every day for like a week until we were skyping back and forth as well. This is where it got weird. Like I said, she was a little hottie and we had been flirting pretty hot and heavy for a while when one night she asked me to strip. :eek: When she saw me balk, she said, “maybe this will convince you”, and took off her shirt (bra on). :slight_smile: Now, I’m not exactly shy about getting naked so I started to take off my shirt when she stopped me and said, “could you take off your pants?” :eek: Damn, she’s getting straight to it!

I laughed at her, took off my shirt and got down to my boxers and fixed the Skype camera back in place for our chat. I feel silly admitting to doing this now, I sure do. Anyway, after about a minute into our conversation, she asks me if I can angle my camera down any because she can’t really see my legs from the current angle.

Now I feel I should take a moment and explain one aspect of my disability that is relevant here. Due to the nature of my spinal cord injury, my paralysis is what is considered “flaccid” and I have significant muscle atrophy and loss of mass in my lower body. Basically my legs are like sticks.

I looked at her quizzically for a sec, then moved my camera down (for a few seconds), showing her a unfettered shot of my legs in nothing more than my boxers and socks. I brought the cam back up and asked her (in a pseudo-ladies man bravado) “if she liked what she saw?” :cool: Now I was being humorous but she was most certainly serious when she said “OMG, yes!” “Can you just leave the camera on your legs while we chat?” :dubious::eek:

Whaaa?! She wanted to just look at my lil paralyzed legs as we talked on Skype. That weirded me the fuck out. I told her she’s being silly and we’d just look at each other while we chatted. But she kept pressing. She wanted my skinny legs, and that seemed to be it. It was quite an odd feeling, I’ll say that for sure. I ended the chat not too long after that and it was the last time I really talked with her (aside from a few PMs).

But that’s what began my education on devotees, pretenders, wannabes and the entire world of abasiophilia, paraphilia, etc. It’s wild. This girl in particular had a fetish for atrophied legs on paralyzed men. She wasn’t attracted to me at all; she was attracted to what’s been taken** from me.

With the fart thing, it seems like such an easy thing for the partner to do. Why do you think it would be so hard for Savage to get his wife to do it? Sure, maybe it’d be a bit worse than getting your partner to pop balloons or tickle you, but it’s still pretty innocuous. People fart all the time–it’s a normal bodily action. It’s not like the wife is the one who has to sit there and inhale the smell–that I would understand being too disgusted by to do (blech!). But letting someone else do it? Someone you care about and would enjoy seeing be happy? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

This is a zombie thread, twice over, so I hope this won’t be too much of a hijack.

I have a copy of this book.

Wow! who knew the History Channel was that interesting.

It was actually his niece tho who performed Golden Showers on Uncle Alf.