Japanese for "Flush"?

I recently spent an awful lot of time in the toilet of a Virgin Atlantic 747 from San Francisco to Heathrow (I have a slack bladder, OK? and the pressurised cabin gives me terrible flatulence if you must know).

Anyhow, the instructions were in both English and Japanese. Adjacent to the toilet itself was the English word FLUSH - but the corresponding Japanese took up 2 whole lines and comprised no fewer than 16 characters. Sorry I cannot reproduce them here.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what those characters actually say? Is it just “flush” or is there rather more going on there?

Flush is “Nagasu” It probably said something like
“Only the paper which is provided should be flushed”

Which is their standard coy way of saying “don’t stuff tampons and ST’s down there.”

Japanese signs are often written in verbose, polite form. I can’t tell without a photo, but I’d guess it says “Please use this button to flush the toilet after use.”

What they said ^

Toilet: Toire
Flush: Nagasu
Sink: Nagashi

Slightly odd that you don’t nagasu at the nagashi…

Actually, you can nagasu at the nagashi, but you have to nagasu (rinse away) something - so you might nagasu the awa (bubbles) from your hands after soaping them!

Another mindbendingly boring bit of trivia brought to your from Hokkaido Brit.

Many thanks, chaps. Next time I’m having a pony on an aeroplane, I’ll be the wiser!

Well you no fun! :smiley: