Japanese Penpal?

I’ve been fascinated by Japan and popular Japanese culture for years now. I love the food, I love the gadgets, I love the traditions and the whole cool and quirky deal. However, I’ve never yet had a chance to go and see the land of the rising sun for myself. :frowning:

It’s pretty damn expensive, and I only get about 20 days holiday a year, so I’ve just never had the opportunity. When I do go, I’d like to check out all the touristy stuff in Tokyo, like the Harjuku, that public square with all the wacky musicians and rockers, a capsule hotel, a proper noodle bar, etc.

I’d also like to see Osaka (I’ve heard it’s industrial and ugly but has the best nightlife), and Kyoto (for the old Imperial castles). Most importantly, however, I have to see a baseball game and a sumo match while I gorge myself on udon and nigiri.

Now I know that there are more than a few Dopers out there who live in Japan, so I was hoping I could find a pen pal. I probably won’t have an opportunity to see Japan for at least another year, but when I do go, I’d like to hook up with a friendly face who could show me around.

So how 'bout it? Any of you expat “Gaijin” ready to share your stories and experiences and gain a UK doper penpal into the bargain? Any chance I could crash out on your tatame when I (eventually) come over?

I would LOVE to help out…but I’m not living in Tokyo or Osaka, and with three small kids I wouldn’t be able to take you there.

You are more than welcome to write to me, and possibly visit too. I’m sure I’ve got a few tatami laying around on which you could possibly crash :slight_smile:

I have a Japanese penpal kind of. We get cards and letters with pictures from him occasionally and I send a note back. Letting him know we are still here.

He was visiting here when I picked him up hitch-hiking. I was only going a few miles down the road to berry pick on Cranberry Road then heading back up to the cabin. I was lonely and missing my berry best picking friend who had recently died. To make a long story short he went with me and took pictures. After berry picking we went back to the cabin at dusk. It was moose hunting season and we sat on the roof overlooking the pond. He got the most fabulous pictures of a cow and calf.

You don’t always get to meet your penpal.

Thanks tsubaki, I’l love to take you up on your offer. What city do you live in, and what’s it like? Can I email you?