Japanese speakers: two small questions

(1) My dad spent some time in Japan when he was in the Navy, and he picked up a bit of the language (as the family jokes, mostly along the lines of, “Another beer,” “Where’s the john?,” and “Which way to the whorehouse?”). One thing he used to say, seemingly as a comment to himself, sounded something like “ka-day MAHSS.” Any ideas what that means?

(2) Hubby and I have become fans of G4’s Ninja Warrior (Sasuke in Japan) and watch it most nights. I make a little game of picking out competitors’ names, names of the events (mostly cobbed from English), and so on in the Japanese commentator’s monologue. One thing I’ve noticed is that he begins a lot of sentences (?) with “Saaaa” said very dramatically. I haven’t been able to connect this with any particular word or part of speech. What does it mean?

Yoroshiku onegaishimasul! (which I have been told is the form of “thank you” to be used when making a request)

“Tadaimasu” (in which the “u” is generally silent these days) is what you say when you arrive home.

Weird, I don’t recall him saying it in that context, only just hanging around when he was already home. Maybe while making himself a snack or something.

(I don’t talk to my dad, else I’d ask him myself. It’s not important enough for me to engage him in conversation, yuck.)