Japanese translation?

Here is an impossibly long title from an episode of ‘Keroro Gunsô’ (Sgt. Frog). Any idea what it say?

I can’t understand most of it, but it’s multiple sentences separated by commas rather than regular punctuation. It’s basically a paragraph. And it’s not the title of that episode either.


Episode 4 of season 5 is titled, “Keroro, Climax! Card Battle/Keroro, the Targeted Platoon.” What is in IMDb looks like someone typed a synopsis into the episode title field.

IMDB seems to have the episode number wrong. That title corresponds to season 2, episode 83A, which Wikipedia lists as “Keroro, Mixed Hot Springs Murder Incident. The Spirit Of the Most Unfortunate Sibling in Space. Because of Brother’s Colored Box Hot Spring, Only One Foot Can Be Placed Inside. When the Brother Slipped From the Shock and Fell Unconscious, The Sister’s Tears Fell like Flower Petals”

p.s. The Japanese title is:
ケロロ 温泉混浴露天風呂殺人事件 湯煙にさすらう宇宙一不幸な兄妹の魂 兄が作ったカラーボックス温泉 いざ入ろうとすれば片足しか入んなくて、ショックで足を滑らせた兄が気絶するとき、湯の花に妹の涙が舞い落ちる であります
“Colored box” is the Japanese term for modular storage shelves, I think in the US they are called “storage cubes.” The middle part is more like “Older brother made a bath out of storage cube, tried to get in but only one foot would fit, brother fainted from shock.”

So I guess it’s possible that that’s the title, but it would appear more likely that somewhere along the line, someone entered a synopsis as a title and it ended up being copied into multiple places. Relevant xkcd. Thanks.